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  1. Hall, Billie A.
  2. Stark, Peter M.
  3. Teevens, Richard P.
  4. Pryor, Anthony S.
  5. Mitchell, Major Mark E.
  6. Quinn, MSG. Pat
  7. Adamec, SSG. Jeffrey
  8. Davis, MSG. Jefferson D.
  9. 3rd Special Forces Group Soldiers earn Enduring Freedom valor awards
  10. Cpt John E. Cleckner Ohio Hall Of Fame
  11. MSG Ed Ziobron
  12. SFC Linwood Martin DSC
  13. Special Forces Soldier receives Distinguished Service Cross for Vietnam gallantry
  14. VP Cheney attended heroism awards ceremony at MacDill Air Force Base
  15. Female Soldier Receives Silver Star
  16. CPT Brian Chontosh USMC
  17. Col. James Coffman
  18. Green Berets get Silver Stars for actions in Iraq, Vietnam
  19. MSG Suran Sar (Silver Star)
  20. Mike Novosel Medal of Honor
  21. SF soldiers awarded Silver, Bronze Stars for valor
  22. Special Forces Soldiers of Fort Bragg honored for combat valor
  23. SSG Covell, 5th Group, April 29, 1965
  24. Medal Goes To Soldier Who Jumped On Grenade
  25. Hall of Heroes
  26. Kentucky National Guard Soldier Receives Distinguished Service Cross
  27. CW2 DeJesus and SSG Espino (Silver Stars)
  28. Soldier in Heroic Battle to Receive Silver Star
  29. Three Special Forces Soldiers receive Silver Stars
  30. Sergeant Major Bradley Kasal
  31. WWII Medal Research
  32. Kiwi SAS Corporal receives Victoria Cross
  33. Green Berets awarded Silver Stars for valor in Afghanistan
  34. Special Forces Soldiers to be decorated Oct. 4
  35. 3rd Special Forces Group Soldiers recognized for valor in Afghanistan
  36. 10th SF Soldiers Receive Silver Stars
  37. This gal is HOT!
  38. 3 soldiers receive Silver Star
  39. Distinguished Service Cross for valor in Afghanistan
  40. Special Forces MIA awarded Silver Star
  41. Distinguised Service Cross for actions in Iraq
  42. USAF TACP gets Silver Star
  43. Israel Del Toro
  44. 1st Group Soldiers Awarded Silver Star
  45. 19th SFG- Silver/Bronze Star
  46. team mate down
  47. Family accepts Soldier's Silver Star
  48. Sky Soldier awarded Distinguished Service Cross
  49. "Hold and Die" - Battle at Dong Ha Bridge
  50. Airman to Receive Air Force Cross
  51. 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) conducts Distinguished Service Cross and Silver
  52. Where are the MOHs?
  53. B 1-10 Valor Awards
  54. Army unit being recognized for valor during 1970 Vietnam rescue
  55. 3-10 SFG Valorous Unit Award
  56. SFC Wanner, Silver Star; B-2-19SFG
  57. The Boys of Pointe Du Hoc
  58. Posthumous ARCOM with V device for SFC Jeffrey Rada Morales - 7th SFG
  59. 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Soldiers to receive valor awards
  60. Army Cook Assigned To SF Awarded Bronze Star, Combat Action Badge
  61. Petraeus pins Silver Star on Special Forces Soldier in Kandahar
  62. Green Berets recognized during award ceremony
  63. Bronze Star for Valor to Air Force Lieutenant Aaron Butler
  64. Bronze Star to OSS Vet
  65. Silver stars for daring rescues........
  66. Vietnam vet awarded Silver Star after 45 years
  67. 12 Rangers get Silver Stars for Afghan heroics
  68. Medal of Honor day..........
  69. Army sergeant receives 2nd highest military honor
  70. Old Soldiers Epitaph......
  71. Presentation of the Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation
  72. Congratulations..
  73. Paul Villarosa.........
  74. JBLM sergeant gets 2 honors for heroism
  75. MSG Ben Snowden to Receive Posthumous Silver Star
  76. Special Operations Task Force-South East Valorous Unit Award
  77. 'The Devil's Brigade'
  78. 3rd GPR Valor Awards Ceremony
  79. William L. Albracht 3 Silver Stars
  80. Ronald Shurer II: Medal of Honor
  81. Master Sgt. Larry Hawks