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  1. Some Definitions
  2. Anyone here know about a place called Colombia?
  3. The Decay of States
  4. Bolivia
  5. Haiti (Again)
  6. Cuba post-Castro
  7. Best Insurgent Leader
  8. Exporting Democracy
  9. Che
  10. Jimbo
  11. Haiti
  12. Venezuela
  13. Where am I?
  14. Basque Fatherland and Liberty Euzkadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)
  15. Marine Officer on Insurgency
  16. BellSouth to sell LATAM wireless assets
  17. Iraq
  18. The Real Che Guevara
  19. Can we talk about the Contras?
  20. Iran
  21. can we talk about aerial defoliation?
  22. What does this tell us about Iraq?
  23. Where am I this time?
  24. How to win in Vietnam
  25. Gorilla Uprising
  26. El Salvador
  27. Colombia Suicide Bombers?
  28. Che
  29. Good Article in Parameters
  30. USMC "Small Wars Manual" Online
  31. Let's talk about Iraqi oil
  32. Some Thoughts I Found Interesting on Guerrilla Warfare
  33. How is this 'new'?
  34. Bows and Arrows
  35. The Iraqi Insurgency
  36. Contractor Thomas Hamill - alive & free
  37. Latin America loses faith in democracy
  38. Georgia/Adjaria trouble brewing
  39. Akhmad Kadyrov Dead
  40. Fighting Muslims
  41. Banditos O Guerillas?
  42. The Green Berets (in Afgan) CBS Story
  43. Islam
  44. Do Special Forces need special funding?
  45. 4 Blackwater Contractors Killed
  46. Colombia and El Sal Article
  47. "A" Camps in the "Stan
  48. Mao as Guide to Fight in Iraq
  49. Iraq Handover Already Happened?
  50. Counter-insurgency insurgents
  51. Haiti
  52. Boyd on AQ
  53. Photo of NDD
  54. Brit reporter on Iraq
  55. Iraqi's slowly taking control
  56. IED Video
  57. Convoy article and video
  58. More videos
  59. Covert Opns Needed?
  60. Insurgencey study
  61. Sistani the Peacemaker
  62. Dyncorp hit in Kabul (car bomb)
  63. Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri captured.
  64. Russians turn to Israel
  65. In case you ever wondered about those crossed arrows
  66. CNN Producer "Abducted" in Gaza
  67. Good news from Iraq
  68. Fallujah & Mao
  69. French Troops in Iraq
  70. "Stronger warning" to Sudan
  71. Let's Talk About Islam
  72. What's This?
  73. with us or against us
  74. Che shirt
  75. Fallujah - slide presentation
  76. Green Zone Attack
  77. Venezuela - Next Hot Spot?
  78. Hurtin' in Iraq
  79. I'm going to free Cuba...be back in a week
  80. Their Civil War
  81. Weary Taliban Coming In From The Cold
  82. LATAM Analysis
  83. Colombia Troops Being Hired for Iraq Jobs
  84. Iranian War Plans
  85. Chile and the Cold War
  86. Algeria
  87. Colombia - They're Learning
  88. For more years (for Uribe)
  89. Iraqi Mechanized Brigade Assumes New Missions
  90. New threat or old?
  91. WELL... So far, So good
  92. Analysis of Platforms in Iraqi Elections
  93. Turning the Tables on the Terrorists
  94. FARC linked to kidnap of Paraguay ex-President's daughter
  95. Small Wars Journal
  96. Special Operations, Insurgency & UW Reading List
  97. A Great Week
  98. Nicaragua
  99. Interesting Article
  100. Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hassan captured.
  101. Uruguay
  102. Saddam's Judge assassinated
  103. O'Neill Updated
  104. Chechen Rebel Leader Killed
  105. Forces hit insurgent camp - NYT
  106. Kyrgyzstan Protesters Storm Gov't Building
  107. The Kurds
  108. The Kurds
  109. Latin America's Terrible Two - Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez con
  110. Sunni Clerics Urge Followers to Join Iraqi Army & Police
  111. Abu Ghraib Prison Attacked
  112. CH-47 crash in Afghanistan
  113. Are We Winning in Iraq
  114. Islam gets a foothold in Vermont
  115. Latam Religious Shift Underway
  116. This Day in History
  117. First guerrilla war
  118. Iraqi Counter-Insurgency
  119. Chavez and Ecuador?
  120. Iraqi Special Police Commandos article
  121. Colombia Arrests 2 U.S. Soldiers
  122. Colombian Bio-War?
  123. Hmong in Laos
  124. 50 Terrorists Killed in Iraq Offensive
  125. UK Based Bomber Named
  126. LA Times article on Iraq insurgency
  127. SOG Emulators
  128. Pinochet Loses Immunity
  129. Wahabism
  130. He ain't an 18D
  131. Georgia unveils innovative approach to South Ossetia conflict resolution
  132. Indonesia
  133. Insurgency-Civil War
  134. Why do the believers in Islam hate us
  135. A good web site for insurgency warfare
  136. Kissinger on Iraq
  137. Iraqis Borrowing Hezbollah's Tactics
  138. Interesting Iraq Development
  139. "Federalism" in Iraq Equals De Facto Partition?
  140. How to Win in Iraq - Foreign Affairs
  141. Insurgents Assert Control Over Town Near Syrian Border
  142. Al-Zarqawi: Looking Toward Saudi Arabia?
  143. The Two Faces of Islam
  144. Helprin on COIN Strategy
  145. Iraq Border Offensive
  146. Old CI Books
  147. Operation River Gate
  148. Expanded SWJ CI Reference Page
  149. Britain's Small Wars
  150. 63 Dead as Russian Forces Battle Chechen Rebels
  151. The Open Source War
  152. Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in the 21st Century
  153. "Training a New Army From the Top Down"
  154. Iraq and Foreign Volunteers
  155. "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq"
  156. Anything wrong with this?
  157. Military Support for Stability, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction Operations
  158. Hey, NDD The Manhole Thieves are DOOMED
  159. Local Insurgents Tell of Clashes With Al Qaeda's Forces in Iraq
  160. Al Zarqawi Out?
  161. Colombia: Hard Work Pays Off
  162. AC-130 gunships returning to Iraq
  163. Waziristan, who do we side with.
  164. Army War College version of what went wrong in Iraq
  165. Unrestricted Warfare Symposium
  166. COIN Sources
  167. GEN McCaffrey Report - April 2006
  168. PSYOP: Symbols in Warfare
  169. AQ in Iraq
  170. Tehran Terror Lord Eyed In Soldier Kidnappings
  171. Conventional forces in the unconventional fight.
  172. Videos and audio from lectures
  173. Interview with Col. Tovo
  174. U.S. Military Takes Two Paths
  175. The American Way of War
  176. FM 3- 24 Counterinsurgency (FINAL DRAFT)
  177. Keegan's Perspective
  178. El Salvador
  179. Looking for the G Chief poster
  180. NPR: The Challenge of Counterinsurgency
  181. The Ugly American (Advisor)
  182. Counterinsurgency Manual
  183. How to Win in Anbar...
  184. Kilcullen (Aussie) Article
  185. Winning the Information War
  186. JFK videos
  187. The Only Viable Option Left...
  188. An Aussie View od Counter-Insurgency Ops
  189. Article from LTG Petraeus
  190. U.S. Should Use Counterinsurgency Methods in War on Terror
  191. Iraqi Surge
  192. Che
  193. Dutch Soldiers Stress Restraint in Afghanistan
  194. Strategists UP!
  195. A Novice Look at Iraq - Thanks!
  196. Mahdi Army Basra Leader 23 yoa?
  197. Iraq and Our Strategic Interests
  198. insurgents, malitias, and the IA
  199. Afghanistan: ISAF and OEF not really talking to each other
  200. "The End of War as We Know It?"
  201. Anyone else notice that elephant sitting in the room?
  202. Money in the Bank -- Lessons Learned from Past Counterinsurgency (COIN) Operations
  203. Support grows for standing up an unconventional warfare command
  204. Understanding Al-Qaeda's Pakistan PSYOP and Insurgency
  205. C or C...
  206. Army Enlists Anthropology in War Zones
  207. Building IW Leaders for Tomorrow
  208. Global power strategy (follow on thoughts to "Strategists UP!")
  209. COIN: Smart Soldiers (and Diplomats)
  210. Confronting Iran IW Concept for Iraq's Borders
  211. MAC-V-SOG Declass: Construct
  212. Dishonest Doctrine
  213. Causes of intrastate-conflict
  214. RAND study criticizes US COIN efforts
  215. Militants destroy more Afghan mobile phone towers
  216. "The Rise of the Counterinsurgents"
  217. The Need for Advisors
  218. Experience with Human Terrain Teams?
  219. Taliban "on the brink of defeat"
  220. Iraqi official's kin killed in U.S. attack
  221. Jihad vs Hiraba
  222. Taliban making a comeback...?
  223. Gates: Wins in Iraq, Afghanistan Don’t Mean Victory
  224. Commando Training
  225. Jihad Prevention Act
  226. Indirect approach is favored in the war on terror
  227. AFG: The War Briefing
  228. The Democratic Party's insurgency
  229. Counterinsurgency Field Manual: Afghanistan Edition
  230. U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom
  231. The threat of 'sharia' to America
  232. No Free Speech for Islam
  233. Planning Victory in Afghanistan
  234. The Cost of Criticizing Jihadists
  235. What Islam is not
  236. Third Jihad: Destroying US from Inside
  237. One Valley at a time
  238. There Are No "Good" or "Moderate" Supremacists
  239. Bayonets in Basra - A Case Study on the Effects of Irregular Warfare
  240. CT and COIN
  241. Combat FID the hard way?
  242. Feeling Too Down to Rise Up
  243. Special Warfare - 1962 Small Wars Journal Blog
  244. Guerrilla Warfare or "Vandals" ?
  245. Counterinsurgency Lessons from Iraq
  246. CAIR Upset with FBI
  247. Words, Knowledge, and Jihad: a Synthesis
  248. The Threat of Radical Islam in America
  249. Afghanistan-US
  250. Yon: Afghanistan without a Future