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  1. Mayor Robert Levy
  3. ProfessionalSoldiers.com "Hall of Shame"
  4. (RESERVED!!)
  5. Accused Phony War Hero in Court Today in Texas
  6. Special Forces phoney Phil Haberman
  7. Special Forces phony Richard McClanahan
  8. Man who posed as Marine hero sentenced to tend military graves
  9. Government Investigating More Than 60 'Phony Soldier' Cases
  10. SF Poser LTC Martin Allen
  11. Maj. Anthony Calderone
  12. rnger150lrsd
  13. Keavin Lawdermilk AKA kevin wise AKA Special Forces MASTER SERGEANT
  14. just doesn't learn: GAUTHIER, RAYMOND J
  15. The Karate Kidder
  16. Phil you're next
  17. Special Forces & Green Beret fakes, frauds, liars, imposters, phonies etc
  18. Another One
  19. Randall Moneymaker
  20. Poser/fake at the Range-Scott Hatchison (SP?)
  22. I was a poser
  23. New inductee Brian Culp
  24. Hunt is on for phony POWs
  25. POW/MIA speaker found to be a hoax
  26. The fantasy life and lonely death of the SAS veteran who never was
  27. How Gene DeFord won WW2
  28. Best Poser Yet!
  29. SSG (ret) James Walker
  30. James Holland's claims are more fiction than fact
  31. Samuel L. Braunstein, NOT a member of Special Forces
  32. Richard Strandlof or Rick Duncan?
  33. Russell Fris
  34. Phony paratrooper to be feted by French
  35. Ronald Alan Bryant
  36. Derrell Douglas Gardner Jr
  37. In Ranks of Heroes, Finding the Fakes
  38. Steven Slawinski, of Romeoville
  39. Ken Triplett, 54, you're an idiot.......
  40. Marine charged with faking war wounds for gain
  41. Why won’t the US Attorney for CO prosecute Stolen Valor Act cases?
  42. Larry Sheehy - Liar/Fraud
  43. Paul Sevy aka reverend paul sevy
  44. Identified and tracking....
  45. Brian R. Magyar
  46. Ohio Police Officer, Special Forces Fraud, Patrick Curtis Kelly
  47. Possible poser
  48. Colonel (RET), Possible Poser...
  49. Scott Witt - Special Forces FRAUD
  50. National Guard SGM John Letuli
  51. And so they keep coming
  52. Sgt. Maj. Stoney N. Crump Special Forces FRAUD
  53. "CPT" William James Clark...serial imposter
  54. 2LT Sofranko
  55. Posing is Constitutional
  56. Hope yet...............
  57. "Brigadier General" Baxter
  58. RANGER Conners and Chinese Bandit Recon LRRP Team
  59. Michael Hamilton
  60. Edward G. Davis
  61. William G. Hillar Special Forces FRAUD
  62. William G. Hillar Special Forces FRAUD
  63. Wolfgang Hammersmith Fraud & Liar
  64. Otis Berry Special Forces Fraud
  65. Hall of Stolen Valor
  66. Jess Willard (Skip) Hall, Special Forces FRAUD
  67. SFC Kyle Trout
  68. David Oh Special Forces Fraud
  69. Raymond Schepansky Special Forces Fraud
  70. Armando Cordoba Special Forces POW Liar and Fraud
  71. Wayne Ticknor, Certified CrossFit Trainer Liar and Fraud
  72. Leandro Quintero, SF Poser
  73. SSG Gerald Allen Pulis liar and fraud
  74. Veterans Mentor Lied About Military Record
  75. Donald Joseph Albares Jr. Green Beret Liar and Fraud
  76. CSM John Gibeau liar and fraud
  77. Mayor who lied about service nixes election bid
  78. Dominic Day - Facebook Warrior...but that's "classified"
  79. Warren Parker - Another POS...
  80. David Groves Special Forces POW Liar and fraud
  81. Green Beret Kenneth Aden Running for congress liar and fraud
  82. Another potential poser.........
  83. ‘What I’m fighting to make free’ Timmy Oliver liar and fraud
  84. Fake Military Diplomas, Fake Special Forces Diplomas
  85. Mike Shane Baker, Wounded Green Beret, (Not really)
  86. 2 fer...
  87. Son Proudly Follows In Father’s, Grandfather’s Footsteps In Faking Military Service
  88. 92nd Special Forces?!!
  89. Top Ten Quotes from Green Beret Frauds
  90. Douglas Arthur Buono
  91. Miles Benjamin Whittington fraud and poser
  92. Paul Shroeder - Special Forces FRAUD CONVICTED
  93. Special Forces/Ranger Superhero
  94. James Ingram & Bravetactical.com
  95. Hahahaha
  96. Eric Simon aka DJ Simon Nytes Special Forces Fraud
  97. AJ Dicken Navy SEAL Fraud
  98. Colonel Kenneth Crocheron
  99. Mr. Dang Than Ngoc , Fraud & Liar
  100. James Edward Coombs Special Forces Fraud
  101. MAJ Eric D. Starsevic Special Forces FRAUD
  102. Donald W. Crangle Special Forces Liar and Fraud
  103. Fake SF Major/Hezbollah/ IZ terp/.....
  104. mentally ill
  105. Ross T. Hlushko, Liar and Special Forces Fraud
  106. Jeffrey “Casanova” Elvington
  107. John Mohler DoD Speaker and Awards Forger
  108. Kent Alwood Special Forces Liar and Fraud
  109. Staff Sergeant Larry FitzGerald, aka "Reaper 6"
  110. Joel Eric Lisson Special Forces Fraud and Liar
  111. Beauford L. Farley Jr. SF POSER, LIAR and FRAUD!
  112. Gregory C. Banks Clinical Psychologist and Special Forces Fraud
  113. Richard Doubek Special Forces liar and fraud
  114. Kurt Bock Special Forces Liar and Fraud
  115. Robert Joseph Bensh Special Forces Liar and Fraud
  116. Byron Dills, Special Forces, Green Beret Liar and Fraud
  117. Craig Pulvirenti Special Forces Liar and Fraud
  118. Frazier Glenn Miller aka Glenn Miller, bottom feeding piece of crap
  119. John Kuhl Colorado Firearm​s Training School Fraud
  120. Thomas Joseph Heben - Liar, fraud and poser
  121. Special Forces - Green Beret Public Service Announcement
  122. "Bo McCormick, Special Forces, Green Beret Fraud"
  123. Professionalsoldiers.com is not a Green Beret or Special Forces verification service
  124. Joseph Lewis "Wolverine" Rios
  125. Dr. Ralph Abraham, Special Forces? Not even in his Dreams
  126. Joseph Teti Special Forces Liar and Fraud (and Forger)
  127. Jason M Scaletta Special Forces Fraud
  128. RON STONE - Author - Special Forces FRAUD
  129. How to be a Military Fraud Hunter
  130. Bruce Allen Pendlay- Special Forces Poser
  131. Brian Williams NBC Reporter, liar and fraud
  132. Wallace E Nix, aka "Hootie" Green Beret, Special Forces Fraud
  133. John Rollinson Green Beret Fraud
  134. Chris Feehan
  135. Facebook Green Berets Special Forces, all fakes
  136. Yarborough Knife #8130
  137. Michael Conley Special Forces / Green Beret Liar and Fraud
  138. Sergeant Major Ronald A Spearman, Special Forces/Green Beret Liar and Fraud
  139. CSM Dan Page Special Forces Fraud and Liar and Oathkeeper
  140. Amzy Hibler, Green Beret fraud
  141. Rudi Gresham, Green Beret Special Forces Liar and Fraud
  142. CURTIS L MEATS Special Forces Liar and Fraud (And not a sniper)
  143. Bud Hadley. SF Poser and co-owner of Warlord Beard Oil Company
  144. Arnout “Alex’ Vanderheide, SF Poser and fraud Level 10!
  145. Don "The POSer" Lacasky.
  146. George Bounds Phillips. Green Beret POSer
  147. Tips for dating Special Forces aka Green Berets
  148. William "Bill" Harney. SF POSer and fake GB who thinks Nixon changed his records
  149. Richard "The POW" Davis. Fake Green Beret
  150. Patrick Flores Green Beret Fraud who claims the NSA erased his life.
  151. John M. Adkins of Hazlet, NJ, Special Forces liar and fraud
  152. Tim Crabb, Special Forces fraud.
  153. David Huggins, Fake Green Beret who dared us to get his records.
  154. Richard Allen Koon Special Forces / Green Beret Liar and Fraud
  155. Rowdy Dwayne Hall of Morgan Hills Calif. Special Forces Green Beret Liar and Fraud
  156. Sean Moore of Hartselle, Alabama Special Forces Liar and Fraud
  157. Papotia Reginald Wright, Special Forces Liar and Fraud
  158. Max Chip William Bayless, One21 Group Fraud
  159. Charles Kauffman, Fake Airborne, CAG, CDQC, Ranger, 18D fraud
  160. Cody Joslin, Special Forces POS POSER
  161. Stephen Sanders, fake Special Forces who tried to use those claims for a few votes
  162. Ron Worthey, Fake Green Beret and Fraud
  163. Stolen Valor Fraud & Idiot ; Frank William Dux
  164. David Shaffer, West Point Grad, Chopper Pilot, Combat Diver, Green Beret... NOT!!
  165. Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal liar and fraud
  166. A Green Beret so high speed that the government micro chipped him
  167. COL Dan Sulzinger, AKA PFC Sulzinger
  168. Timothy Montgomery, Green Beret... NOT!!
  169. Christopher Neal Kimball, fake Green Beret.
  170. Johnny “Sarge” Thompson
  171. Latest Entry to Hall of Shame = Lester Kent Brown
  172. Big Willie Robinson, POS POSER
  173. David T. Eschenfelder, Green Beret Poser
  174. Alan Tracy, Green Beret Poser!
  175. Jeremy Dewitte, Green Beret,... NOT!!
  176. John Grandizio, Green Beret...NOT!!
  177. Dan Brodt, Green Beret... NOT!!
  178. Martin LeBlanc, Green Beret...NOT!!
  179. Christopher Scott Rhodes, Green Beret.... NOT!!
  180. Mike Langford, Michael Langford, Michael Lee Langford, Green Beret... NOT!!
  181. Richard Calvert, Green Beret... NOT!!
  182. David T. Eschenfelder, Green Beret... NOT!!
  183. Carl Meloche, Green Beret... NOT!!
  184. Joe Laurenzo, POS POSER
  185. Jack Proulx, Green Beret... NOT!!!
  186. John Davison, fake Green Beret who claims 173rd when the unit wasn't even active
  187. Rudi Gresham, Fake Green Beret, who went AWOL
  188. John Medlock, fake Green Beret and Pedophile...
  189. Charles Hill, Fake Green Beret
  190. Dennis Winn, Green Beret... NOT!!
  191. Nathan Ball, Green Beret Sniper? Only in his lies.
  192. Ramón Montijo, fake Green Beret