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  1. Stirring stick and a bottle of soju: The next Korean War (or the one after that)
  2. Everybody's pissing off N. Korea
  3. Indonesia/Borneo-The New Front
  4. North Korean Nukes
  5. North Korean BodyGuards
  6. Chinese begin to worry U.S. militarily
  7. China and Japan
  8. 'One way or another' N.Korea to lose nukes - U.S.
  9. US, Vietnam Building Military Ties
  10. Thousands riot in China, attack police, burn cars
  11. North Korean propaganda film backfires...
  12. Chinese General Threatens To Use Nukes
  13. Malaysia, "a perfect place for terrorist R. and R."
  14. Cambodia
  15. Lao PDR
  16. General Information about the AOR
  17. Burma
  18. North Korea Nuke Talks to Resume
  19. Philippines
  20. New Zealand Election Results
  21. Vanuatu
  22. North Korea Relations
  23. Mongolia, U.S. discuss expanding military ties
  24. ''Bangkok Struggles to End Separatist Violence in Southern Thailand''
  25. Finally
  26. Death Of MP
  27. Come the Revolution: Transforming the Asia-Pacific’s Militaries
  28. The North Korean Criminal State, its Ties to Organized Crime, and the Possibility of
  29. gettin there; terrorist killed in Id
  30. Kingdom of Thailand
  31. Al Qaeda campaign in China?
  32. latest on JI in Indonesia 12/05
  33. The carrot or the stick for DPRK?
  34. Article on Southern Thailand
  35. ''China's Strategy of Containing India''
  36. China
  37. what happened to old threads on asia?
  38. NASA, China in Space Link?
  39. Chinese Responses to U.S. Military Transformation
  40. North Korea's new intercontinental ballistic missile
  41. Top Sri Lanka general killed in suicide attack
  42. Philippines' firing up??
  43. Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers at work again
  44. Apparent Coup Attempt in Thailand
  45. North Korea prepares for a nuclear weapons test
  46. Security Council Nominates S. Korea's Ban to Succeed Annan
  47. North Korea might now have The Bomb, but it doesn't have much electricity
  48. Fiji and Coups. Again.
  49. Waging Peace in the Philippines
  50. The Invasion of Japan
  51. Unit 731....The Asian Auschwitz
  52. Japanese Character translation assistance needed.
  53. Malaysian SF Trainee found Dead on Base
  54. U.S. Foreign Aid to East and South Asia: Selected Recipients
  55. Cambodia: Background and U.S. Relations
  56. Pakistan-U.S. Relations
  57. China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities
  58. Right Sizing the People's Liberation Army
  59. Pirates & such
  60. Military Power of the People’s Republic of China 2008
  61. China
  62. CNN a Chinese Suck-up...So Sorry, So sorry
  63. China's no superpower
  64. Another coup on the way in Thailand?
  65. Personal security in Indonesia
  66. Sipadan Kidnapping and Malaysian Politics
  67. A RVN update on a month long 12/08 Visit
  68. N Korea Threatens War
  69. China says Pentagon report will hurt military ties
  70. Bizarre: Burmese "Lady" facing trial because of American
  71. Ex-South Korea leader Roh dead, aide says suicide
  72. North Korean Leader Is Said to Pick a Son as Heir
  73. Fascinating Look into N. Korea
  74. "Mi 24s role in eelam war IV emphasised"
  75. Chinese Construction
  76. "Swine flew" followed by riots
  77. Long voyage ahead for India's new nuclear sub
  78. Former Beijing Airport Boss Executed
  79. China's Ministry Of Defense Web-site
  80. Severity of Islamic Law Fuels Debate in Malaysia
  81. China Arrests 15,000 Drink-drivers In A Week
  82. US soldiers killed in Philippines
  83. Strategic Reassurance and the U.S.-China Relationship
  84. Thai Crime Investigator vs Islamic Criminals
  85. PJs in Afghanistan 2009
  86. Local Officials, AFP and JSOTF-P Celebrate Road Turnover
  87. 1971 War: 'I will give you 30 minutes'
  88. Chinese Put These Dogs On Pedestals
  89. China Property Bubble May Lead to U.S.-Style Real Estate Slump
  90. 3 Malaysian churches attacked in 'Allah' dispute
  91. China Pulling 2D Version of 'Avatar' Amid Censorship Allegations
  92. China's acquisition of overseas bases
  93. The Secret Army Still Fighting Vietnam War
  94. Kopassus
  95. Thai Parliament Stormed
  96. Stunned China Looks Inward After School Attacks
  97. DPRK Torpedo Sank ROK Naval Vessel
  98. US warns over Beijing’s ‘assertiveness’
  99. North Korean border guard 'shoots three Chinese dead '
  100. Kyrgyz Riots Spread In Apparent Ethnic Violence
  101. Jemaah Islamiah (JI) Terrorist Recruiters "deported" from Malaysia
  102. Korean War photos
  103. In India, Castes, Honor and Killings Intertwine
  104. Female Imams Blaze Trail Amid China's Muslims
  105. Cluster Bomb Ban - The View From Laos
  106. On Oki - Awase Meadows GC reverts to GOJ
  107. Why Shaming Has Lost Power in China
  108. Chinese missile could shift Pacific power balance
  109. Are China And America On A Collision Course?
  110. New Dissent in Japan Is Loudly Anti-Foreign
  111. Why China’s Navy is a Threat
  112. Meanwhile in the Hermit Kingdom...
  113. North Korean Propaganda
  114. The New Great Game (Central Asia)
  115. China’s Army of Graduates Is Struggling
  116. Chinopoly - Real Estste Shenanigans Chinese Style
  117. This bodes ill long-range:
  118. Interview with 2 former Abu Syaff Hostages
  119. North Korea Builds Up Special Forces
  120. Chinese Military Eyes Preemptive Nuclear Attack in Event of Crisis
  121. Avoiding a U.S.-China Cold War
  122. Christians worried as Hindu festival nears
  123. Thailand and Cambodia Renew Historic Hostilities
  124. China: Hackers Hit Western Oil Companies
  125. Suicide bomber kills 32 in Pakistan
  126. Bronze Star For Secret Mission - 'Team Deer'
  127. Philippines deploys 2 warplanes after local ship reports harassment by Chinese patrol
  128. Indian Navy Captures 61 Pirates In Arabian Sea
  129. Japan - In Deadly Earthquake, Echoes of 1923
  130. Huge bombs found near Indonesia church; 19 arrested
  131. Scale the Great Wall of Vietnam
  132. Implications of Bin Laden’s death for Indonesia
  133. Indian 'honour' killers should hang, Supreme Court says
  134. Poll rout leaves India's communists in limbo
  135. Malaysians caught in Jolo as Terrorists
  136. The Battle for Pakistan
  137. Communist rebels kill 6 in the Philippines
  138. U.S. Is Deferring Millions in Pakistani Military Aid
  139. Amid China Tensions, 3 U.S. Navy Ships Arrive In Vietnam For Joint Training Exercises
  140. Innovations in diplomacy: introducing the anti-ally alliance
  141. China warns US over spy planes
  142. Reports Of Cyberattacks That Likely Originated In China
  143. a question for the QP's
  144. German unification is not a blueprint for the two Koreas
  145. Long Tan gallantry to be recognised
  146. Tsunami Filmed From Car
  147. Chinese hackers may have attacked U.S. satellites
  148. A U.S. Marine Base for Australia Irritates China
  149. N.Korean Elite Sniper Defects
  150. Digging Up China's Nuclear Secrets
  151. "Why This Kolaveri Di..."
  152. Rock music fans shaved and shamed in Indonesia
  153. Former Pakistan Army Chief Reveals Intell Bureau Harbored Bin Laden in Abbottabad
  154. The Generals Who Will Really Rule North Korea
  155. Phillipine Terrorist Leaders Killed
  156. China’s Falkland Islands Lesson
  157. TTP commander wants Pakistan's nukes
  158. Muslim Terrorist Strike again in South Thailand
  159. North Korean plans to launch its Unha-3 rocket
  160. Anatomy of China’s Money and Murder Scandal
  161. Suggested reading for Russian culture?
  162. The US Will Re-Open Massive Philippine Bases ....
  163. Songbun: NK Social Classification System
  164. North Korea's Startling Military Shake-up
  165. Islamic militants take aim at Myanmar
  166. The Chinese People's Liberation Army and Special Operations
  167. Spy planes help detect roadside bombs in Afghanistan
  168. Obama administration divided over designating Haqqani network as terrorist network
  169. China’s Footprint in U.S. Oil
  170. Sino-Japanese "anniversary" marked
  171. India's Trade Unions Upset
  172. Did the surge work in Afghanistan??
  173. Afghan Army’s Turnover Threatens U.S. Strategy???
  174. China’s increasing military spending unnerves neighbors
  175. Afghan security force’s rapid expansion comes at a cost
  176. Al-Qaeda official website registered in Kuala Lumpur
  177. Second Chinese stealth fighter makes test flight
  178. COIN Check - Scrap COIN And Focus On Asia?
  179. A Road Map to Peace in Afghanistan
  180. A War Between Japan And China In The Next Year?
  181. Pakistani, Afghan clerics bicker over peace summit
  182. Communism We know what's best for you!
  183. North Borneo invaded by Suluk Pirates-Standoff with Malaysian Police
  184. UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka adopted 25 -13, eight abstentions
  185. PLA Navy Exercises in the South China Sea
  186. 28 Glimpses Into North Korea’s Technological… Prowess?
  187. Pakistan election: Taliban threats hamper secular campaign
  188. South Philippines: Jolo, Basilan, Mindanao Abu Syaff activities
  189. Armed Helos f Myanmar Separatists
  190. America's China mistake
  191. US-Vietnam Embrace As Wary Asia Eyes Rising China
  192. Shadow Puppets and Special Forces: Indonesia’s Fragile Democracy
  193. Strategic Pivot For USARPAC
  194. Radical Buddhism
  195. Post photographer on patrol with ANA
  196. China’s New Normal in the South China Sea
  197. North Korean defector's story
  198. U.S. Secretary of State makes unannounced visit to Kabul for talks with Karzai
  199. Forced rehab: A solution for Australia's grog addicts?
  200. Whole families from Kazakhstan travelling to Syria for jihad
  201. Who Killed Nasiruddin Haqqani?
  202. Musharraf for treason for subverting constitution?
  203. Stuxnet Secret twin??
  204. China establishes 'air-defence zone' over East China Sea
  205. New Chinese aircraft will give the enemy nervous breakdowns'
  206. The Six Wars to be fought by China in the coming 50 years
  207. Jungle operations experience
  208. Thai Parliament to be dissolved...
  209. Removal Of Top North Korean Official
  210. China: Some Great Things About Toxic Air
  211. Palau's economic anatomy from a local standpoint looking for professional views.
  212. Way to go.
  213. China’s New High-Speed Missile
  214. Afghanistan's Misguided Economy
  215. Legend of the Ho Chi Minh trail
  216. How does the U.S. view China?
  217. As war on corruption mounts, China’s rich flee to America
  218. Warlord Who Tamped Conflicts as Afghan Vice President Dies
  219. Iranian Oil Minister In Moscow To Discuss Economic Cooperation
  220. China premier warns on economic slowdown as data fans stimulus talk
  221. Pentagon: China's 'Three Warfares' Seek to Drive US From Asia
  222. Five Ways China Spies
  223. North Korean drones send shock waves across South Korea.
  224. U.S. Military Must Prepare for China’s Rise—and Fall
  225. North Korea getting ready for another Nuke test?
  226. Obama in Asia: Military deal tops Philippine agenda
  227. The Taliban announce they will cleanse "the filth of the infidels" from the AFG
  228. US military worried as CIA plans to close its satellite bases in AFG
  229. China builds oil rig off Vietnam's coast
  230. Putin's Unconventional, well-organized espionage OPS for destabilizing neighbors
  231. Ukraine referendum
  232. China masses troops near Vietnam border
  233. Chinese Military Hackers Infiltrate US Corporations
  234. A Closer Look at Terrorism in Southeast Asia
  235. RFI China
  236. Aircraft carrier tests don't go well for China
  237. Hong Kong stages huge National Day democracy protests
  238. China's Island Factory
  239. US rebalance to Asia and China's increasing dominance
  240. North Korean defense minister executed with AA gun
  241. Kamikaze survivors debunk sterotype in stories of sacrifice
  242. What's your point of view?
  243. VN Fire Bases & LZ's, google map
  244. Up-gunned 5-Ton Convoy Escorts (RVN)
  245. 70% of North Korea’s Submarines have Left their Bases ...
  246. Abu Syaff morphing into an ISIS type Organization
  247. Communist China (Dictator China) Disappears 5 Publisher Employees
  248. Indonesia Jihadist Maniacs
  249. America to stockpile military supplies around South China Sea
  250. U.S., Philippines agree on five base locations under defense deal