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Liberal media protraying inmates as victims again.
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Liberal media protraying inmates as victims again.

I ran across this and it pisses me off. They think the officers and prison create these animals. Thats not the case, they were animals before they went to prison that is why they are there. It just comes out in them when they cant manipulate the situation or they get their way.

Here is a video


They flood their cells with water. Pour bodily fluids under their doors. Cut themselves with razor blades. Smear blood and feces on their windows. Punch and kick the walls. Pass contraband with fishing wire. Howl at the guards. Cut themselves some more.

For an estimated 80,000 U.S. prisoners, life in solitary confinement — the prison within the prison — is as brutal and as crazy as you could possibly imagine.

"I’ve filmed in war zones and experienced some pretty horrible stuff," says Dan Edge, a filmmaker who was granted rare access to the solitary-confinement unit inside Maine’s maximum-security state prison for "Solitary Nation," a documentary that debuts on Tuesday on PBS' Frontline. "The segregation unit is comparable to the battlefield in many ways."

It's also comparable to an insane asylum.

"Down here, it's like being buried alive," Todd Michael Ficket, one of the inmates profiled by Edge, says in the film. "You're someplace alive, but you're no place anybody wants you."

Ficket, who was given six months in solitary for assaulting a prison officer, predicted his "mental state would probably go downhill like it did last time."

It did. Ficket covered his window and cut a vein, and officers found him passed out in his cell, covered in blood. He had to be removed by guards in riot gear — one of 100 such "extractions" performed at the Maine facility in the past year.

"He's just trying to get what he wants," David Allen, manager of the segregation unit, says. "He knows he's going to have to spend a lot of time in our segregation unit, because he severely assaulted one of our staff members and he's trying to manipulate his way out of dealing with the consequences."

The consequences are 23 hours a day in a single-window cell. One hour is reserved for outdoor exercise — in a cage.

Solitary confinement, which began in the United States in the 1800s as an experiment to reform criminals, has re-emerged as a way to discourage prison violence. But some believe isolation is ineffective — even detrimental — in the long term, especially when roughly 80 percent of those who serve time in solitary are eventually released from prison.

"It’s really dangerous," Maine State Prison Warden Rodney Bouffard says. "You could have someone in here on a five-year commitment. They could do their whole time in segregation. But I don’t want him living next to me when we release him.

"For the normal person who doesn’t work in a facility like this, they’re thinking if you punish them, you’ll make them better," Bouffard continued. "The reality is the exact opposite happens.”

A 2013 report by the Government Accountability Office criticized the rising use of isolation by U.S. prisons, noting that the Bureau of Prisons' own "Psychology Services Manual" acknowledges "that extended periods of confinement in [segregation] may have an adverse effect on the overall mental status of some individuals.”

"What inmates do to themselves in solitary, how extended stays in solitary affect the psychology of an inmate — these things are important to all of us," says Edge, who spent five months filming inside the unit. "The vast majority of these inmates are getting out of prison at some point. If they have been brutalized and damaged by the solitary experience, then ultimately, we all lose.

"Having spent so much time on the unit," he continued, "I now have absolutely no doubt that extended stays in solitary are detrimental to the mental health of inmates. They deteriorate quickly and sometimes dramatically, and some inmates become more rather than less dangerous during their time in solitary."

In February, about three weeks after Edge was done filming, a prisoner recently released from solitary confinement allegedly murdered another inmate. According to prison officials, the victim was stabbed 87 times.

"Some of the officers I spoke to felt he should have stayed in solitary indefinitely," Edge says.
Sarcasm. Because beating the hell out of people is illegal.

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I disapprove of spending any tax dollars on them, for anything other than a length of rope and perhaps cremation.
I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere, than in any city on Earth. -Steve McQueen
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I'll chime in since a conversation has finally came up in my "lane". I work as a Correctional Officer in a regional facility, we house both state inmates and county offenders. I do kinda agree that STU (segregation) is mostly ineffective in the long run, sure they will calm down and be on their best behavior when they get out so that they don't get put back in, but that only lasts for a little while then they're back to acting a fool. For our state inmates, RVR's are far more effective. RVR's being offical write ups that will follow them to every facility, as well as effecting their time, in some cases increasing the time they have to serve before eligible for parole, they do not like this, and thus they behave.

As far as what goes down in STU, a battlefield is a huge huge overstatement, rarely does a fight happen and then it is most of the time only when we are putting them in there the first time. Now an insane asylum? That describes it just perfect. They will be yelling at all times day or night, smearing crap all over the walls ceiling and lights, just to make us have to come in there and clean, rarely are they stupid enough to start a fight on those times, sleeping in a cell that has just had a atomic biovex bomb go off in it SUCKS. Then you have the occasional idiot that floods, which sucks for him and only him because we sand bag up the door and shut the water off. Suicide attempts aren't to common, they all know what happens when they threaten suicide, it's not fun.

People talk about what goes on inside of a jail or prison like they know, but until you've worked in one and seen the trash that comes through, you have no idea. Take what ever trash you think is in here, times that by 20 and you may get an idea, you see some sick stuff here and even sicker people. I have no sympathy for any of these animals, they brought it on themselves and after having to see some of the sick POS they bring in on county side I don't even bother asking what any of the state inmates are in for, I don't even want to know.

Another thing i'I've learned, these "Guards beating inmates" stories you hear about, are rare, and no matter what the reason the media will ALWAYS side with the inmates, because they are just perfect little angels.

Sorry for the rant, this topic got my blood boiling a bit.
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In hundreds of encounters with all levels of prisoners, I encountered one person who I and most CO considered to have been a victim of the justice system lining up just wrong. The rest of them, except the shot callers, were a bunch of whiny little bitches that shuddered at the sight of a gloved and well lubed finger, even the enforcers. If they were looking for sympathy it's in the dictionary between shit and syphalis.
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The liberal media is right on this one....inmates are victims, OF THEIR OWN STUPIDITY! Nothing more or less, play stupid games, get stupid prizes.
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