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I love this video we need more willing to challenge the tyranny of PC
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I love this video we need more willing to challenge the tyranny of PC

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She did not need a teleprompter to deliver her message, it is beyond time to throw the PC movement in the trash.
The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.
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I'll bet she was raised to understand respect is earned not given.
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While she made compelling arguments, that "irrelevant" statement is not helping the need to turn around the 75% majority towards policing the 15-25%. If nothing else, it would surely turn some of that 75% to join the 15-25%.

There is being-PC, then there is tact.

Having said that, that was a venue to discuss govt accountability. For the girl to try to hijack it and make a point about peaceful Muslim majority, the response is well delivered
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I have listened to her for years. She is Intelligent, articulate and a great speaker and debater in this subject. That clip was a done months ago and has gotten a lot of play. She is a tiger when it comes to trying to get our government to stop being a bunch of sheep and become a Lion again and deal with the reality of the Islamic world problem.

We will only get more people killed if we continue this Political Correctness Bullshit and she points it out every time.
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