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Originally Posted by Brush Okie View Post
If god only asks for 10% why does the government ask for more.
You're confusing God with the Church - very different IMNSHO.

God has little use for money - those who feel they should speak for God, however....
‎"The dignity of man is not shattered in a single blow, but slowly softened, bent, and eventually neutered. Men are seldom forced to act, but are constantly restrained from acting. Such power does not destroy outright, but prevents genuine existence. It does not tyrannize immediately, but it dampens, weakens, and ultimately suffocates, until the entire population is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid, uninspired animals, of which the government is shepherd." - Alexis de Tocqueville
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Originally Posted by BOfH View Post
Yup, for all the taxes we pay, tax fraud *was* as easy as knowing someones name and SSN. The issue is that criminals were filing fraudulent returns using valid (but stolen) identity data for large refund amounts and depositing it all in one or multiple accounts controlled by them[1][2]. The IRS has added some additional heuristic analysis[3] to return processing this year in order catch some of these scams, unfortunately the software has been known to slow down returns for early filers while the IRS tunes it[4].

Thanks; that's clearer. So an effort to prevent fraud committed by multiple filings vs. suspected "fraud" committed by legitimate tax-payer because they were due back more of their tribute than in previous years.

Then again, a mating of the IRS and the word 'heuristic' has to give pause...
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