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Originally Posted by Debo View Post
So I talked the the relatives that own the adjacent property.

He said it was huge. I never thought about it possibly being black but I have heard they are moving in from Louisiana.

I am going to put my personal NV gear on and hunt Thurs, Fri, and Sat night for hogs. Will let ya'll know if I see anything.

I know for a fact that Texas Border Mountain Lions have been captured and released in the Everglades!! This goes back for several years. I also know that these animals will range wherever the weather and food lead them.

Having hunted, a great deal, and spent a good amount of time in the Davis Mountains area of Texas for over 20 years, I have been around these guys before. Keep small children/critters within arms reach and go for the gun first!!

Take care, and if you have any ??s, give a shout.
Martin sends.
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Reminds me of this photo.
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Look what showed up to the deer feeder a couple of days ago. Looks like this one narrowly escaped becoming a meal. Other than the big scar he has a broken antler as well as some marks on his neck. I figure that the antler broke when in velvet this year probably dating the scar the same time?

I scouted around bit today also. There was this scrape.

I am going to try to spend some time today walking the creeks and looking for tracks. Yesterday the only thing that turned up possible was this. Not sure of it though.


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Mountain Lion wouldn't surprise me. There was one captured in Missouri this week. One report speculated that the big cat walked in from South Dakota looking for a mate.

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Those pictures are very interesting. That deer shouldn't have been any sort of a challenge for a lion, unless the lion is young, old or injured. I have seen horses with those sorts of scars from lions, but not a small deer. Not saying that it couldn't be; just making an observation.

It is hard to tell for sure, but the track looks more canine than feline. Curl you fingers back toward your palm and use your palm and finger tips to touch a surface. That would be similar to what a lion track would look like. A large lion would be close to that size, but the important part is that the pad of a cat track is large in proportion to the rest of the track. There will be three lobes at the base (rear portion) of the pad. There will be four large toes and claws are usually retracted and not visible in the track.

Here is a link to our website that has additional information.


Looking forward to whatever else you can come up with.

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Jaguars have been seen in Southern Arizona. How far is your area from the Mexican border? It's a long shot but ya' never know...

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