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Originally Posted by The Reaper View Post
I met the 3point5 guy at SHOT in the dungeon, I would respectfully suggest that next year you put your booth squarely in the Mil/LE section.

Win-win for everyone! Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Thanks for the suggestion Reaper. I'll see what we can do but those upstairs booth prices are pretty steep. The layout at this year's SHOT show was not real friendly to folks like me who had to try to get to all the tactical brands that were spread out all over the convention center. We did have some great meetings and will be bringing some pretty exciting brands online in the future. If you get out to SOFIC, MDM, IWC, or any other upcoming events let me know. I'd like to meet you.
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Great Thread
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Great Thread

In the nut shell - GREAT THREAD - will share this with folks I work with ...thanks again to all...
What kind of DEAL? A DEAL, deal! Maybe he's a Republican. You know, "Business is business."
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Good deals
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Good deals

Rejuvenating an old thread. The Clymb offers great deals on items for only 3 days. Some of the items sell out in minutes so if you think you want it, buy it. Shipping takes a little while. I was referred by REI employees. I have no affiliation with this company other than that of a consumer.

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