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What were we dealing with?

Hopefully one of you 18C's can tell me what we found on the beach yesterday. A lady was doing one of her daily searches for sea shells and showed me something that resembled a half peeled orange maybe a half inch thick. It was very light coloured orange and very lumpy. My wife thought someone discarded part of an orange peel. The lady then broke it in half and it was a light cream color on the inside. Thinking it was nothing she then tossed it on the beach.

Now the interesting part. Within about a minute one of the pieces ignited by itself and burned like a flair with about a three inch flame. The lady picked it up with a metal scoop and put it in the ocean. Then the other one ignited and I buried it in the sand. She took the one out of the ocean and when she broke it in half again it reignited again. Took mine out of the sand and same thing. The air seemed to cause them to ignite. Being an old commo guy I got to experience C-4 and grenade simulators during training but this was new to me.. Thanks for any information.
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