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Stephen Sanders, Fake Special Forces who tried to use those claims for a few votes

Here we have Stephen Sanders. He was running for mayor of Lubbock Texas. On his campaign page, someone saw him claim to have joined SF and also to have gone on 3 Top Secret missions with SF.

When given the chance to correct what he said, he doubled down and said he "went SF too (meaning also, in addition to). So, he was sent to Guardians of the Green Beret.

Stephen Sanders, fake Green Beret took a call from a GOTGB investigator. You can hear it here. http://guardiansofthegreenberet.com/...ke-green-beret

During the call, he says he was Airborne, and that "Expert Bayonet" will show in his records. Well... we got his records and he was neither Airborne or Expert Bayonet. LOL

This individual would be an afterthought and really not worth any time whatsoever, yet he was trying to garner votes while running for mayor of Lubbock Texas.

So after the article was posted, he sends GOTGB a voicemail saying he'll ruin us. Hmm ok. You can hear that phone message here http://guardiansofthegreenberet.com/...nders-response

After his phone message was posted, he decided to lower the discussion to the wait for it... wait for it... wait for it... Yes you got it, the race card. He called us all racist.

That screen shot is included in the picture section.

Note to all. When the fact aren't behind you, when you are losing the debate, when you have no true data to support your lies... still never lower yourself to throwing the race card. You'll lose all credibility.

In the 2 articles, I don't think you'll find one mention of anybody's race.

Stephen Sanders, non Airborne Unit Supply Clerk:
You did NOT "Join Special Forces."
You NEVER "Went Special Forces too" as you said a second time when asked.
You were NOT "Expert bayonet" (hilarious)
You NEVER went on 3 Top Secret Missions with SF
You were NOT even Airborne
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Lo, there do I see my father. 
Lo, there do I see my mother, and my sister and my brother. 
Lo, there do I see the line of my people
 back to the beginning.
 Lo, they do call to me.
 They bid me take my place among them
 in the halls of Valhalla
 where the brave may live forever.

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So he was sent to the 27th Engineers on 02/02/20. So he missed the Kosovo deployment and Co C got to Afghanistan in 01/2003 while he ETSed in 06/19/2003.

Doesn't leave much time for Secret deployments with SF in that time line.

No war time deployment medals on his records either.

And I can never, ever remember requesting a leg 92Y to go with my company anywhere - even just across the street.
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I can believe it, a TS Supply SGT. Poser.
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He sounds like the typical American Legion guy I run into...he admits he was a supply guy but went on Secret Missions...like when he stole that big ham out of the meat locker.....

Everyone I meet at the Legion went on secret missions....
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tom kelly
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Secret Missions/Supply Clerk???

WOW; I am Impressed, secret missions....TOO WHERE & WHAT FOR ? The motor pool to check the oil? Just goes to show what the 'Political System" in this country has sunk to.....Tom Kelly
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These guys crack me up.
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