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More fake news from 6abc.com David Oh, "special forces combat soldier......."

Fake news from 6abc.com concerning david oh..........

Vernon Odom your "story" about David Oh is a lie and fraud. Why don't you do your due diligence on "Green beret / special forces soldier David Oh.

David Oh NEVER attended any "Special Forces" training, David Oh was never a "Special Forces" soldier.

David Oh is nothing but a liar and a fraud assisted by other lying frauds.

City Councilman David Oh takes stand in trial of stabbing suspect

By Vernon Odom
Tuesday, March 27, 2018 06:46PM
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- City Councilman David Oh spent two-and-a-half hours on the witness stand Tuesday, describing his harrowing experience from last spring when he was stabbed outside his Southwest Philadelphia Home during a robbery attempt.

In court, Oh for a third time identified Shawn Yarbray, now age 25, as the man who stabbed him in the left side and slashed him in the right arm when he confronted the 58-year old council member demanding his wallet and car keys.

Oh said he was unloading the back of his SUV when Yarbray attacked him.

Oh said the encounter lasted 8 to 10 minutes, with Yarbray lunging at him more than 10 times with a 5-inch blade that has never been recovered.

However, Oh said he does not believe Yarbray wanted to kill him.

Oh identified Yarbray by picking him out of a police array of mug shots.

The councilman is a former Army Special Forces soldier. He had a bottle of wine in his arms along with a computer and some files, but he decided not to use his combat skills to slash or subdue Yarbray.

Sam Stretton, Yarbray's veteran attorney, says this is a case of mistaken identity and reasonable doubt.

Stretton said his client will take the stand to deny the charges against him.


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The way it's worded the outlet takes responsibility for the accuracy of that claim. It would have been more professional to report that the councilman claims to be former SF. Oh yea, and Soldier is capitalized.

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What would happen if Sam Stretton found out that Davis Oh is a liar and a poser?

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Jury says Oh’s testimony not enough.
Not Guilty.
A lack of integrity can manifest itself in so many unexpected ways.
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