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"Soldier4Life" needs to read and heed.

The individual under screenname Soldier4Life PM'd me out of the blue with the above paragraph yesterday. I sent him the following reply, again by PM.

Look's like he can't read, can't follow simple instructions, starting with "Follow the stickies and post a profile and an introduction."

I hear the sound of black rotor blades approaching.

Step One - Follow the stickies and post a profile and an introduction.

Step Two - Notice the date of the thread containing the name Leonard Holifield. The thread started in September 2008 and was last posted in May 2009. Old news.

Step Three - After following Step One, if you feel you have accurate information to provide to the net on Leonard Holifield, feel free to do so. But based on past experience (and you might want to look at some Hall of Shame and POW Net sites first), the following do not qualify as accurate information:

1 - Mere publication in a magazine or newspaper.

2 - "... had to be legit ..." because he/she is associated with a person of rank.

3 - Anything self-declared by the subject.

Instead, post a scanned DD Form 214, DA Form 2 and 2-1, military orders, diplomas, etc. or refer to objectively verifiable sources of information (i.e., Ranger Class Number, Airborne Class Number, Special Forces Class Number, etc.), units of assignments with inclusive dates.

For example, "Professor" Holifield claims five assignments in 1993 alone:

782D MSB, Fort Bragg, NC. 1993

17th Calvary Air Recon, Simmons Airforce Base, Fort Bragg, NC. 1993 (* I suspect the fellow means Simmons Army Airfield, the Air Force Base at Ft. Bragg is Pope Air Force Base).

E-Company, 702D MSB, Unit 15412, Fort Bragg, NC. 1993

A-Company, 2nd Engineer Bn, Unit 15043, Fort Bragg, NC. 1993

3rd Republic of Korea Liaison, U.S. Airforce Command, Koera 1993 (For a Professor, his spelling leaves a little to be desired. It's Korea, not Koera).

For those paying attention, that's five assignments within one year, less than three months each. Just what kind of soldier has five assignments in one year?

He claims to have enlisted in April 1987. Probably true. But if he claims to be "instrumental" in the revision of FM 21-150 (which, by the way, is entitled "Combatives," not "Combat"), a revision that could only have been the 30 September 1992 edition [since the previous edition was dated 30 SEP 1971 and the succesor edition -- renumbered as FM 3-25.150 -- is dated 18 January 2002]. Yet for someone who is alleged to have been "instrumental" in the revision, he never claims assignment at the United States Army Infantry Center, Ft. Benning, GA who is the proponent of that publication. And young Mr. Holifield would have had at the very most four years of active duty when the 30 SEP 1992 revision of FM 21-150 was finalized, staffed, and approved for publication.

Finally, while Army schools are not necessary for a man to be a close quarters combat expert, you should remember that this is a web site for Professional Soldiers. For a Staff Sergeant to hold himself out as a military expert in combatives, we would expect to see such additional training, experience and qualifications such as Airborne (especially since he claims he was assigned to "2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Fort Bragg, NC." in 1992). Or Ranger, or Sapper, or Special Forces, or S.E.R.E., or ...

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