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Originally Posted by jayman1869 View Post
Hey guys!

I live in the Valrico area which is between Tampa and Plant City.
I am currently in the Florida National Guard. I am also looking to make a move and am looking into the 20th group. If anyone in my area is looking to train, I workout 5-6 days a week, to include Crossfit, running and rucking. I'm open to new ideas but most importantly looking to train hard. Feel free to PM if interested.

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I could use someone to workout with. 18B/F here, certified personal trainer and certified TRX. PM if your interested, im not that far from you.

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DevilDawg Coop
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If anyone is on the Gulf Coast, MS,LA area message me. Im 7 weeks out.
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I'm in the 757 area of Virginia. I try to fit about 15mi+/- a week rucking into my schedule and do a morning PT session if anyone wants to join.
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jayman1869, Solar, PMs sent.
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Central Minnestota

If anyones training around central Minnesota (Aitkin to St.Cloud), and could use a training partner that will not bitch and make excuses, send a pm to my inbox.
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Jersey Dirtbag
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Looking for a training partner in the NJ/NYC area

Edit: I'm attending the my first SF assessment drill with Det 2, HHD 2/20 in Glen Arm, MD on 13-14 October 2012. I'll also be attending the land navigation and SUT drill on 2-4 November, as well as a second SF assessment on 1-2 December (they require candidates to pass this sequence of evaluations before sending anyone to SFAS). I live in Hoboken, NJ and work in Manhattan. I know several relatively nearby locations which have some very hilly trails and a variety of surfaces (mud, gravel, rock, stream crossings, etc). If anyone is interested in training shoot me a PM.

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South Florida

Im in South Florida if anyone wants to train. If not, Ill continue on my own.
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Looking for a training partner who lives around the Southeastern PA region. Attending the 20th group SFRE at Glen Arm, Maryland in March. In dire need of hilly rucking terrain and ropes. PM me if interested.
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I live in DC if anyone in the metro area wants a training partner; I'm looking for one.
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Looking for a training partner in the Brooklyn/Manhattan area.
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Keating, PM sent.

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Virginia training partner

If there is anyone in the Roanoke VA Area who would like to hook up to train PM me and we can try to work on a schedule.
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HHC 1/116th INF
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DC/AlexandriaVA NPS recruit looking for training partner and/or mentor...

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I live in the Fort Lauderdale area in south Florida/Broward County. I currently follow Military Athlete and throw in some runs and extra bodyweight work. Looking for anyone wanting to train together.

- Nick
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Training in Baton Rouge

I live in Baton Rouge and am interested in a running and/or rucking partner.
PM me if interested.
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