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I finished college and law school while in 12th and 20th Groups. It's really handy for prior-service guys. It keeps the "hooah bug" from biting too hard while you're getting college knocked out.

The hooah bug, whose bite makes you think that you need to be out doing cool-guy stuff, has a bite that seems to never let go.
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Originally Posted by craigepo View Post
I finished college and law school while in 12th and 20th Groups. It's really handy for prior-service guys. It keeps the "hooah bug" from biting too hard while you're getting college knocked out.

The hooah bug, whose bite makes you think that you need to be out doing cool-guy stuff, has a bite that seems to never let go.
Amen. I had several friends who took forever to finish college because they kept jumping at every JCET or school opportunity that came up. It was the school opportunities that cost them since those guys were usually stuck in the "alternate" slot and had to wait for AD guys to not show up. That usually meant the guy came back with the semester blown and nothing to show for it except the money he wasted on tuition.
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It sounds like you're more worried about 'wasting' your time on a qualification, that will force you to then work (read: Get stuck) in a field you wont enjoy.

I don't know if it helps, but almost half of college grads never worked in their chosen field. And this is expected to rise with this generation of graduates. In most cases the GPA in your undergrad matters more than the field.

The best advice I ever got was, study a field you know you'd really enjoy, and therefore do well at. (However, I would suggest avoiding basket wiving).

Often the journey of completing your arbitrary undergrad, will shine the light on your next step.

Also, this book is considered the best career advice book hands down, world wide.
What colour is your parachute - Bowels
It is published annually, make sure you get a recent edition.
When I get someone to read it, it is rare that they don't come back with some serious career insight.

Also, as you have processed your thoughts in this thread, I get the feeling your question is changing. Sometimes the process of asking one question, helps you discover what your real question is.

Are you really wondering if study and NGSF mix?
Are you worried NGSF may disappear - Why the hurry?
Or is your base concern simply, what the f**k am I doing with my life?


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Originally Posted by SC45 View Post
I currently have 2 years of college completed and am considering enlisting NG vs. AD as a Rep 63/18x. My question is, is it possible/likely to finish my degree if I make it to a NG SF unit? Thanks.
Short answer: yes, a guy on an NGSF team has time to be a fulltime college student.
I have watched guys finish engineering degres in A/5-19.
I have watched guys on actived duty struggle to finish college even while working a predictable schedule as a SWCS instructor.

Long answer: if you haven't decided between active component or Guard, I am going to recommend active. SF seems to be the only thing you are sure about for your post-college life. SF, like any career path, requires commitment. SF and a college degree seems to be the only commitments you are sure about, do that.
If you find a civilian career path down the road, you can transition to NGSF as a more experienced CMF 18 and pursue that civilian career.
But either way, if having a college degree is part of your plan, you will be better served spending the next two years getting that done first. The longer you wait to finish, the more challenges you will have to overcome to get it done. All you have to do right now is just register for the next term.
If you ask anyone in SF who left college early to join and finished college later, to a man they will tell you that they would have been better of finishing shool first and joing 2-3 years later than they did.
"On the contrary, the soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war."
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I appreciate all of your help. After much thought, I have decided to enlist with a Rep 63 contract after graduation. I will be graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and was wondering if it would be best to get a job before I enlist, or enlist right after graduation and start the job search after I've finished my military training? Thanks again.
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