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Sex and Society

I am a Victim of under age sex with an adult.

A 26 y/o nurse took picked me up everyday after school, everyday of my sophomore year.

I never questioned the candle lit dinners or the long warm baths afterwards. I never thought that this would impact my life, I never questioned the moral or ethical considerations of the relationship. My only concern was will she be there tomorrow.

True story.
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You've got to be careful when you start dating older women...

One minute things are great.
Then you start noticing that your best baseball cards are missing.
Then all your green legos disappear.
Before you know it, you're driving her friends all over town on your big wheel.

It never lasts - once she meets a guy with a ten-speed, she kicks you to the curb like a pair of worn-out PF Flyers

...we've all been there my friend. Those green legos are gone forever
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