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Home perimeter/entry point defense questions

It pains me to have to ask you gentleman these questions, but you're the only ones I trust to give no-nonsense answers.


My wife has made a big mistake. Trivial in initial context, but has the potential to escalate quickly. There is a local, closed-group Facebook page for my area dealing in yard sales/local bartering. There have been several successful transactions from this page thus far, but this one individual on there has crossed a line.

In an attempt to acquire a couple Food Lion (grocery store here) tickets that save $20.00 on your tab (you need 6 out of 8 weekly tickets to qualify), my wife was contacted by this individual and they exchanged mailing (see: physical) addresses. In her infinite wisdom, she sent our address to this individual first without any fact checking, and he replied with an address that I just confirmed is a tech company a few miles away that has never heard of this person. I dug through Facebook to find the name he signed up with. He has no photos, and is only signed up to similar pages that deal in yard sales/bartering. Possibly a new tactic used to gain PII.


1.) I have found a cheap 4 pack of window/door alarms for $10.00 each pack at Home Depot. Link: Doberman alarm 4 pack

Are there any cheap alarms that anyone here has used that function as advertised which can support the entry point alarm aspect reliably?

2.) I have also been reading up on booby traps used by the VC which are easy to construct and emplace around the exterior entry points/perimeter areas.

Would there be any life-altering legal ramifications if said individual decides to test my resolve? The emplacements would not kill, but maiming a great deal is a high probability.

3.) Should I even bother to notify local PD to this breach? I don't see anything they could do other than respond to a call from us should we be able to detain him if he gets froggy.

I have a toddler at home as well, and for four days a week, from early morning to night, I am not there. I fear that this guy may attempt to pattern us and try something. We are well armed inside, however I am worried that she may not be able to react in time when I am not home. Hence the emplacements (which will have access blocked to my toddler, but not someone intent on doing us harm).

If any tech savvy folks here could find an IP address or anything that could help pinpoint his AO, it would be GREATLY appreciated. My wife has apologized profusely, and feels horrible that she made this mistake. I want to put her mind at ease for those moments when I am away. I appreciate any guidance on this matter. Here is the FB page he uses:

hxxps://www.facebook.com/gail.peterson.794 (didn't want a hotlink to FB).

Thank you for any input, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
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The Reaper
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Door chimes can be very effective.

A real dog is better.

Put up security system and video surveillance warning signs.

Keep doors (including garage) and windows closed and locked.

Leave lights and TV news / talk radio on when you are out.

If you come home and find anything amiss, call the cops. Do not attempt to clear youe home if it has been compromised and you are safely outside.

Avoid setting patterns, as much as is possible.

Boobytraps expose you to huge criminal and civil risk, even if it is activated during the commission of a crime.

If you contact the LEOs, what crime do you believe has been committed, or evidence that it is likely to be committed?

If they think you have boobytrapped your home, you may be the one arrested.

I strongly suggest you avoid the boobytrap idea.

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Thank you for the advice TR. The booby trap idea was kind of a knee-jerk reaction on my part, and probably best avoided as you pointed out. It would satisfy the soul for me though. However, I have no desire to be bunkmates with Bubba.

To answer this question:

If you contact the LEOs, what crime do you believe has been committed, or evidence that it is likely to be committed?
Therein lies the rub. I'd like to report to them a possible PII breach, and that I believe this individual could use the address provided to him to stalk/harm a family member or myself. His giving my wife a fake address could prove to be evidence of this, but I don't know department protocol on these sorts of issues. I'm not sure they would pay any attention to it in the first place, and they may just tell me to kick rocks until I had concrete evidence. Which by then, if this individual did in fact mean us harm, it would be too late.

Thanks again.
"1000 days of evasion are better than one day in captivity"

"Too many men work on parts of things. Doing a job to completion, satisfies me."- Richard Proenneke
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Concur with TR. That's why the backup for my monitored commercial alarm system is two GSDs: a 115 lb male and a 105 lb female. Unfortunately, they don't meet the "cheap" part of your criteria. Just food is around $200 monthly; we won't even discuss Vet bills. Course the expense is somewhat compensated by the side benefits.
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Team Sergeant
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And I concur with Peregrino & TR cept mine is a little Czech GSD.

Get a dog, take care of it and it will take care of you and your family.
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Money is always a driving factor. But If you look at your local box store or your Sam/Costco Store they carry computer home security camera systems. Run typically $199.99 to $500.00. My neighbor has one that has a dog sound that seems to have a dog running room to room. You can start small and build up on most. Even look at a deer camera to use in your front and back yards.

As far as PII, you will need to find out about your local laws. If you're in Va here is a link for a update pass in 2013.

If you are concerned over PII. Then start looking at your Credit report daily. You will have to pay for a service for this. You could get one of those personal information protection monitoring like LifeLock. But I don't think you need this now.

Also home alarms typically don't do anything for your house unless you have a neighborhood watch/ patrol to come to your house. Everyone I have every known to have one monitored, it still took cops 30+ plus minutes to get to the house. But the noise sometimes makes them run away.
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I remember a guy doing something like this back in the 90's. This would be a more recent attempt, same result... Jamal's Prison Wife.

Booby Trap
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1. I was at a friend's house a few weeks ago. He installed security cameras on the outside of his house, which hook up to your wi-fi. They detect motion by a change in percentage of pixels. As soon as the percentage change is detected, a picture is taken, and is immediately e-mailed to your address.

I believe this service costs $5-10 per month for a subscription to a domain.

2. Booby traps are instant criminal liability for you, even inside your house. Dismiss the idea.

3. There is nothing wrong with calling local law enforcement now, telling them what happened, and giving them the guy's name. Quite possibly, he has a criminal record. Never hurts to check. Cops can accomplish a lot with background checks.

4. A good dog is a hell of a deterrent. I have a large bird dog, with a huge bark. Nobody comes to the door and knocks without some serious barking going on. Not many bad guys want to risk a dog attack to steal your crap.
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Booby trap?

I've got a big (120 lb) dog, but he doesn't bark (he can; just doesn't). He is, essentially, a booby trap. Would I be in trouble?

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Thank you all for the no BS advice. I'm just trying to come up with ways to ease my wife's mind, because she's been a wreck since she hit that send button. She usually doesn't do things like that, she just got complacent. This day in age, I can't rule out anything, so I was searching for a logical solution to this issue. As expected, you gentleman provided us with viable options that I had not yet thought of. As well as saved me possible jail time (I learned a lot from that TC from 1967 )

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and thanks again.
"1000 days of evasion are better than one day in captivity"

"Too many men work on parts of things. Doing a job to completion, satisfies me."- Richard Proenneke
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