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My friend - the political shit show unfolding before us is a TEXT BOOK example of the third rule of Newtons Three Laws of Political Motion:

-For every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The activist corollary to Newtons third law is quite simple if you just take a step back and observe the universe around you:

A liberal activist democrat president nominates a liberal activist democrat to assume a supreme court post...
...conservatives block it (equal and opposite)
...a liberal activist democrat senator says republicans should do their job and hold a vote and now says we should wait until the next term
...a liberal activist democrat judge said that presidents are president even during the last year of their service and then on her death bed said the POTUS should wait until there is a new POTUS

Think about the display of equal and opposites in that one - not to mention - stated from someone that said they didn't want to see a second term for the current POTUS (and she wont - regardless of the results)

ANTIFA hates fascism but will make you raise your hand and chant their mantra by applying the threat of violence
...certainly some opposite reactions going on there

Joe Biden and EVERYTHING he has said or done in the last 40 years when compared to everything ELSE he has said or done in the last 40 years.

John Kasich jumping on the virtue bandwagon that ALL republican candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential primaries should swear an oath to support the eventual nominee - and then speaking as a guest at the 2020 DNC convention after four years of refusing to support the 2016 republican nominee/President-Elect/President of the United States of America

alG0re hates people that don't love the environment and thinks George Bush should be more climate friendly...
...George Bush's ranch is remarkably more green than alG0res house that uses 34 times as much energy than the national average

Obama got a n0bel peace prize and then used a drone strike to kill an American citizen...
...President Trump has gotten the NORKS to the discussion table, he has drawn down US combat troops all over the world and has help broker peace agreements in the middle eats that were thought to be impossible yet the democrats call him a dirty warmonger

celebrities and a supreme court justice talked a big "fair election and peaceful transfer of power" game but then threaten to leave the country if their candidate looses...
...and then they do the opposite and stay

yes indeed - equal and opposite is on political display 367 days a year...
politics is RIFE with examples of the wonders of physics

I love physics - just be careful on your calls for re-education. If the wrong party should end up in charge, the POI's for that instruction you seek is NOT going to go the way you want it to go.
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Can't have it both ways... 2016 Democrats on Supreme Court nomination

You know what to type.

https: //www.*******.com/watch?v=99-7RpJkXUw
My Heroes wear camouflage.

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