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Originally Posted by Premsore View Post
I know things have changed since the late 60's when we used to sew our girlfriend's panties into the lining of our berets (only after getting to Group), but why is there a need to "shave" the beret? That just sounds wierd to me for some reason.
I didn't realize that this was a new(ish) thing. When you buy a beret at clothing and sales, they are shapeless and fuzzy as hell. We are required to shave and shape them now. It actually takes about a whole day for the entire process.
There are about 100 shops around fort Bragg that sell pre-shaved and shaped berets for about $30, which almost anyone is more than happy to pay to save the ass-pain of doing it yourself.
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Learn something new every day. We'd buy ours from clothing sales and they were good to go. Just had to have the flash sewn on and push the pins on the back of the crest through and bend them in toward each other, kind of like a staple. Some guys would cut out the lining to make them floppier but I never did, didn't see the need.
Wonder why the change to making it a pain in the ass?
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Originally Posted by Brush Okie View Post
When they let legs have Berets a few years ago like everything else they had to f--k it up.
Legs in Group were wearing green beanies 50 years ago.
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