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Originally Posted by Draco771 View Post
The M110 is a cheaper SDM Rifle.

I know this, because a High School friend who's with the 82nd is using it as a DSM.

It's cheaper, and easier to manufacture compared to an M14 EBR.

It's also easier to train on, since it's relatively the same AR 15 style American troops are already familiar with. It's an off the shelf grab and go, with 80% compatibility aside from calibre to an M16/M4 series rifle in use. (i.e. you don't need additional training to just pick it up, go into a fire fight, and come back, SPORTS works the same for it, as any other AR 15 style weapon)

Unlike the SR-25, the M110 also has built in iron-sights. Meaning if crap hit the fan, you can go straight to the irons, just like an M4 if your ACOG went FUBAR.

For recon teams, (like that my friend is on) the M110 can have a suppressor mounted on it, or interchange barrel with one built in. Just like the M4.

The M110 also has a rail system, which is compatible with all components used for an M4 rail systems. (Lasers, lights, stun guns, Cherry blasters [don't ask] etc.)

And, unlike the SR-25, the M110 can be mounted onto a tripod, or even an HMMWV for a more stable fireing platform with the proper component mounted onto the lower rail system. (not that it's very practicle)

M110 I've been looking to learn a great deal about.

Also, the M110 is due to replace the M14 EBR in both regular, and airborne units.

I don't know how popular it is with the SOF community, however.

Just a reply to the question asked.

You are not qualified to answer questions on this forum.

Stop posting. Take a year off.

Your incessant yammering on a number of threads where you are either a student of a subject or heard "facts" from someone else is highly annoying.

When that isn't enough, you start new ones.

This isn't

We are not your buddies.

You are adding little, if anything to the board.

And frankly, I could not care less what you think or what you heard.

Don't PM me. Just use this time wisely to gather some real world facts and better yourself. If/when you post again, it better be well-searched and restricted to an area where you are an expert, or you better be asking a REALLY good question.

There are not going to be any more warnings or hints.

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