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for those of you that have worked in the jungle, where it can be kind of cold at night, what sort of blanket do you use? I have always used a flannel sheet, but doesn't pack down very good. my son is 1st group, Okinawa, to tell you about me
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The Army issue poncho liner (Woobie!) is the greatest invention ever. I've used it in the jungle, the desert, the forest, the mountains, the swamp, pretty much every environment. If it wasn't cold enough for a sleeping bag or the mission requirement meant packing lighter, the poncho liner was the key. Also, if you need a little more protection than the poncho liner alone, you can wrap the poncho around as an outside layer and it works just as well as the medium sleeping bag.

I've been out for 6 years and there is still a poncho liner within arms reach of the bed and one in the go bag.
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tom kelly
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Poncho Liner.

Light weight and dries fast; Does the job.
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I still have the two I used in Nam 1970.
Now saved for the G-Kids

I slept in an NVA canvas hammock, one over, the other under.
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Good insight:

Remarkable how long the US Poncho and Poncho Liner have been in service with little change other than materials. These are pieces for dirt, mud, rain, snow and wind this and some moca pulled out of the ruck for a few hours during the dark of night...bad weather, heavy loads begins to put the pieces into perspective.

You mentioned jungle, a challenging environment to be a foot in. Higher rain fall and humidity with greater frequency, storms, stagnant air circulation, heavy dew, wet ground, mud, elevation changes are some of the environmental concerns. Besides warmth, I think moisture and wetness are big factors in comfort and health.

Sacrilege, I known but materials have changed, light weight insulation today can absorb far less moisture due to very hydrophobic materials, the micro filaments along with structure and construction can create clo ratings nearly as warm when wet. Resistances within the “blanket” when differed can vector moisture out and away efficiently, protect exterior to a greater extent and maintain the breath ability we associate with comfort. Now that same system with a warm body inside is protecting you from the environments ( potentially hot weather as well) and drying you, your equipment and mind out more effectively.

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Originally Posted by Golf1echo View Post
Well, your opinion is pretty good. The similar item of yours that you showed me was about as light as a tissue but I imagine it was at least the equal of a PL in comfort.
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