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Question about phases I & II

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your time and service. I couldn’t find an answer for this using the search function, but if I’ve used it incorrectly I apologize. I am a wife of an 18x who is currently in the pipeline. An SF liaison recently told my husband that he will be required to live in the barracks at Fort Mackall for both Phase I and Phase II of the SFQC, which we didn’t realize before. Do any of you know if soldiers can leave base on evenings or get any weekends off during those phases? Are there opportunities for spending time with family, or are soldiers confined during their time in the barracks? I ask because in light of this information I’m considering postponing my move to NC until Phase III. I know that we’d need to officially PCS our belongings sooner, but I have a good job in my current location and a few extra months of work would help us a lot financially, since I will likely be unemployed for a time after the move. However, I would only want to do this if I know I won’t be able to spend time with him during those phases. I would appreciate any light you could shed, or if you’ve answered this before please direct me to that thread as I couldn’t locate it in a search.


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Just a thought...

Students in the pipeline do not have a ton of time to call their own. At some point, they will go to AZ for a month as well. If staying put until graduation is viable, it may save you some heartache later especially if he doesn't get stationed at Ft Bragg. You might move to Ft Bragg only to be stationed somewhere else when he graduates.
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I would stay where you are until the dust settles a little bit as long as you have a roof over your head and a decent job. Unless things changed drastically since I went through he won't have any time to spend with you anyway.

Plus he won't have to worry about you in a strange town while he is busy training.

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Chucko, that's exactly what I was thinking. Hang back until he's out of the barracks and let him focus on training while making a little extra money, then move out when he's eligible to live off-base. Thank you.

Billy, that's great advice too, but staying away for all of SFQC might be too much, especially as he's hoping for 18D, and 2+ year with a long deployment to follow is a lot of long distance. I'd like to spend time what little time with him I get, even if it's just 10 minutes at night before bed. Luckily, I'm pretty independent so a little face time goes a long way for me.
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