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Prior Service E-5

I'm currently an E-5 in the Army Reserves. My intent was to transfer to active duty as an 18X. The recruiting office I was working with told me it would be possible. I received my conditional release and took that back to the recruiter 4 months later. I was told that they are no longer excepting E-5 and above and they can no longer do a reduction of rank for re enlistments. The recruiter informed me to try again in the new fiscal year and hopefully policies could change. They have not. I've contacted a few local recruiting offices hoping someone might know a work around but I've had no success. I'm hoping that someone on here might have knowledge to a work around. I apologize if this post seems lazy. I've also contacted SORB however because I'm in the reserves they have no jurisdiction, at least that is my understanding.

I appreciate your time and assistance,
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Have you looked into National Guard SF?
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Yes I have, I've attended a briefing and I'm currently working on going to their next tryout.
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I'm pretty sure "Prior Service Business Rules" have just opened up, thanks to you know who
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