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Iphone/Ipod Touch Weapons Disassembly App

Thought this might be appreciated here for both current and in-training 18Bs (like myself) or really, just anyone who likes to work on weapons.

This is an application for Iphone/pod/pad that allows you to disassemble, reassemble, and observe function of various commonly-used firearms, many of which are required for the Bravo course. Weapons can be viewed in 3D and in X-ray, and can be fully disassembled, not just field stripped, i.e. AK-47 broken down to 68 parts including magazine. It's pretty nifty and I'm only posting about it here because it could be a worthwhile training aid for someone looking to train on a gun when unable to actually get hands-on. It is also useful for those who would like to fully- or partially-disassemble their personal firearms, but are less than confident about doing so. Think full-color, 3-D TM.

There's a catch, of course. Each weapon you download costs 99 cents, and it's a newer program so the current inventory is limited.

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Sweet little find. Hopefully as it expands in "inventory", the price will come down
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This is a fun little app, but it really gets you nowhere close to learning how to disassemble these weapons - plus there's no Clearing & Functions check, which is WAY harder
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