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You be careful you don't shoot your eye out, Teddy

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Go raibh tú leathuair ar Neamh sula mbeadh a fhios ag an diabhal go bhfuil tú marbh

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Originally Posted by greenberetTFS View Post
That's it,I'm going with this deal,great thing about it is that I've got that video on disassembly and cleaning a Glock that I'm sure will help me(you can't forget her I'm sure)............

Big Teddy
Unless it's too late, you may really want to look at the G30SF if you're wanting something smaller than a full-size. The 36 is probably in the category of models they shouldn't have bothered with. It's not that much slimmer and the slide is the only thing that is really, whereas with the 30/21 platforms you get the extra rounds & alot more commonality with other Glock platforms - the 36 is a unique duck in many respects. In fact, there are several people (with more $$ than me) that have swapped out their 36 slide onto a G30 lower.

RE waiting time Glocks. This can happen to someone who is after a particular model (especially when the SF and RTF versions were new) and is not snagging dealer stock. Whether you won a certificate at a GSSF match, are doing an LEO purchase, it's possible to find that major production resources are tied up in doing something else. This can happen easily with things of limited market like long-slides. It is also possible that you may receive the gun very quickly - but will notice a born-on date (from the fired case) of quite awhile ago because, well, that's when they were made.

I've shot all the .45ACP Glocks under discussion (GAPs too) and the 21SF & 30SF were a big step forward from the standard 21 frame - those few thousandths really did the trick and made them a VERY nice platform.

If you have any questions on full detail stripping BEFORE you launch your spring-cups into the shag rug or sofa cushions, by all means please PM.

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