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East Germany and Poland weren't exactly great allies during the Cold War

Thought some of you who were stationed in West Germany during the Cold War like I was might find this interesting.

In 1969, the East Germans thought the Poles were inferior and the Poles thought the East Germans were still Nazis.


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Bloggers - Meh.

? Per the blogger's credits...."Members of the Croatian Defense Council (HVO) Army, 2nd Guard Brigade, fire the 12.7mm machine gun, mounted on a T-55 main battle tank during a three-day exercise when the HVO Army was granted use of Barbara Range for the first time in 18 months. Date 10 January 1998". Thought this was Poles vs East Germans....
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It must have been an interesting climate at Warsaw Pact summits.

Hungary invaded in 1956.

Czechoslovakia invaded in 1968.

Germany(East) invaded everyone in 1939-1945.

I would think a CIA and/or DET-A operation to undermine the Warsaw Pact could have been as simple as a pallet of top shelf western liqueur and posters on the walls celebrating the countless Nazi and Soviet genocide cases across Eastern Europe at the Warsaw Pact summit.

Then sit back and wait for the fireworks.
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