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Home perimeter/entry point defense questions

It pains me to have to ask you gentleman these questions, but you're the only ones I trust to give no-nonsense answers.


My wife has made a big mistake. Trivial in initial context, but has the potential to escalate quickly. There is a local, closed-group Facebook page for my area dealing in yard sales/local bartering. There have been several successful transactions from this page thus far, but this one individual on there has crossed a line.

In an attempt to acquire a couple Food Lion (grocery store here) tickets that save $20.00 on your tab (you need 6 out of 8 weekly tickets to qualify), my wife was contacted by this individual and they exchanged mailing (see: physical) addresses. In her infinite wisdom, she sent our address to this individual first without any fact checking, and he replied with an address that I just confirmed is a tech company a few miles away that has never heard of this person. I dug through Facebook to find the name he signed up with. He has no photos, and is only signed up to similar pages that deal in yard sales/bartering. Possibly a new tactic used to gain PII.


1.) I have found a cheap 4 pack of window/door alarms for $10.00 each pack at Home Depot. Link: Doberman alarm 4 pack

Are there any cheap alarms that anyone here has used that function as advertised which can support the entry point alarm aspect reliably?

2.) I have also been reading up on booby traps used by the VC which are easy to construct and emplace around the exterior entry points/perimeter areas.

Would there be any life-altering legal ramifications if said individual decides to test my resolve? The emplacements would not kill, but maiming a great deal is a high probability.

3.) Should I even bother to notify local PD to this breach? I don't see anything they could do other than respond to a call from us should we be able to detain him if he gets froggy.

I have a toddler at home as well, and for four days a week, from early morning to night, I am not there. I fear that this guy may attempt to pattern us and try something. We are well armed inside, however I am worried that she may not be able to react in time when I am not home. Hence the emplacements (which will have access blocked to my toddler, but not someone intent on doing us harm).

If any tech savvy folks here could find an IP address or anything that could help pinpoint his AO, it would be GREATLY appreciated. My wife has apologized profusely, and feels horrible that she made this mistake. I want to put her mind at ease for those moments when I am away. I appreciate any guidance on this matter. Here is the FB page he uses:

hxxps://www.facebook.com/gail.peterson.794 (didn't want a hotlink to FB).

Thank you for any input, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
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