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Radio TM #'s

I'm trying to get TM's for PMCS.

Just wondering if anyone has TM #'s and dates for 117G and different generations of the 152. Any help would be appreciated.
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I may be able to help you out tomorrow. Do you have an AKO or a .gov email?? The files will have to be sent via AMRDEC..
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I could send you the manuals for the AN/GRC 109 and the AN/GRC 74 but I doubt you read hieroglyphics...
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Harris Premier Site

Harris has a pretty decent premiere site. I found out about it during some training we did with them earlier this year. You will need to create an account using a military email, then you will have access to all TM's as well as online training videos for all of their radios. I've found it pretty helpful for pulling slides to cross-train the team.


Hope this helps!
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Harris Premier

I agree with the above post^. Harris radio manuals are not army TMs so the only authentic ones are from Harris Corp.

FYI the priemier site will require authentication from Harris. (mil email)

When you sign up it is a request for an account. This can take up to 3 days. HOWEVER, when I did mine years ago, I called them to have it expedited and they worked with me to have it approved the same day. In regards to the OP, not sure how quick you need them but should you need it NOW try calling them. It can't hurt.
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Technical Manual Libraries Online

Contact the guys at the Electronics Maintenance Shop. If that doesn't pan out, Army Technical Manuals can be obtained through LOGSA:




or Tobyhanna:

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Electronic Tech Manuals at LOGSA

You will have to create an account with LOGSA before you can download or view the Electronic Technical Manuals (ETM). See link below.

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