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I sleep like a log, generally. Only exception being when I have gas...

'cause it's nasty...

and wakes my wife and I up...

or the guys in my 10-man arctic tent...

not a real popular guy when the insides are turbulent.
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Sleep apnea

I'm now currently waiting to see if my mild OSA is going to DQ me from even going to SFAS in September now. Not a good day
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Thanks for introducing me to an older thread! I was an OS (Operations Specialist) in the Navy...US, Navy in case some might wonder. OSs are part of operations, and operations intel. Anyways out in the IO (Indean Ocean) we had this one guy who was talking in his sleep. This is a major DQ/NOGO for clearance. My LPO (E-6) was getting ready for midwatch and heard this guy babbling away. His clearance was taken away in a matter of hours. He was in the kitchen by breakfast.

As for myself, I can be sound asleep for hours and all someone has to do is say my first name "Sar" or make noise, such as door opening, footsteps and in the next 2 seconds I am up.

Making rounds in the Navy you cannot touch the person. You can call their name shake their rack (bunk). I am awake from a deep sleep long before...with the sound of footsteps, or with my curtain sliding open.

From a deep dream / REM shouldn't take long to be on your feet and moving.

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NetiPot on roids

I hated the water running out of my nose and straight into my mouth with the NetiPot, so I got one of these: LINK and it works perfectly.

Talked to my Doc about it and he said use it as often as I am comfortable, BUT.. and he really stressed this, he said to either microwave or boil the tap water before I flush out the sinuses. He says that tap water is treated to be safe to drink but not to be squirted up into our sinuses.

I have a SteriPen that I use to zap the water with UV before each use and it works just fine.

I snore terribly, so flushing the sinuses out and the occasional BreathRight strip seem to help.
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sleep study

Snoring could be a sign of OSA (obstructive Sleep Apnea). A sleep study will determine if that is the case. Treatment can include nasal CPAP (device that maintains a continuos positive airway pressure), which prevents soft palate from occluding airway resulting in "snoring sound". people with OSA are at greater risk for MI (heart attack) than those without it. Strong corollary relationship between MI and OSA was found in a randomized controlled trial >65% of subjects with an uncomplicated MI were positive for OSA.
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In Phase III one of our G's snored like crazy. We made him wear his protective mask at night to cut down on the noise.
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Sir topham hatt
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I snore fairly loud I suppose (how am I supposed to know...I'm asleep!), loud enough to wake my wife up nearly every night. The major problem there is that my wife and I play pranks on each other all the time. Her strategy is to wait until just a few minutes after I fall asleep to start jacking around. So, when she wakes me up for snoring too loud I usually go into a fit of yelling and telling her she plays too much, thinking she's trying to be funny.

I'm going to pick up some saline and nose strips this evening and see if that will help

Another problem that only creeps up every now and then, I throw punches in my sleep. This has resulted in what I was sure was a broken knuckle one time when I caught a metal futon frame, and me rolling into a 2 foot gap between the bed and the wall in a hotel on a seperate occasion. I've never hit anybody, but I do worry about it. On most nights I'm told I twitch or shake, but it doesn't turn violent often.
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I'm a loud snorer because of what i like to call "assisted congenital deviated septum" ( deviated septum made worse by years of muay thay practice) . Whenever I find myself sharing a room with another person, I always give instructions to kick or pinch me ( if sharing the bed ) in order to make my shift position of to simply toss a boot or any other object deprived of any sharp sides ( if sharing the sleeping environment only )
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I thought sleep apnea was just guys who snore until a friend from SF said it was described as you stop breathing in your sleep and your body shocks you awake. Hell, I've been doing that for roughly 15 years and no idea what the hell was going on.

I've been having a bitch of time over the past couple years dealing with lack of energy, nap attacks in the middle of the day, and the increasing difficulty with school work and project designs. I know I'm an idiot, but not that big of one.

Anyway, i finally had a sleep study for OSA last week. The tech had me come in after the test and was alarmed at my readouts. When I was awake (I had trouble falling asleep to begin with) my O2 absorption was around 92%. It used to be close to 100% all the time. When I was in REM or deep sleep, it averaged around 82%. That was a bit of an eye-opener.

The tech said the readouts didn't indicate a blockage but a restriction in my breathing. He couldn't figure out why I'm showing these results since, although I'm not in fighting shape, I'm still in relatively fit shape. I have heard about the potential physiological consequences of OSA but asked the tech for the official version. None of it sounded good if one wanted to live a longer healthy life. Some of it was downright scary.

I was wondering what may have led to the development of this condition. My knees crapped the bed about 7 years ago so my usual regimen of running has been relatively non-existent. As a result, I know my lungs are not filling up as much as they used to. Could this be the reason for me developing OSA?

I welcome anyone who can shed some insight on this. In the mean time, I'm scheduled for the follow-up tomorrow night so they can get me fitted for my CPAP snozzle and determine the proper amount of pressure to open my lungs up during sleep time.
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When I took the sleep apnea test, I was waking up 80-90 times an hour. I started using a CPAP and it changed my life. I think it saved my life. My blood pressure dropped to normal, I was sleeping through the night, energy level went up. The CPAP may be a little difficult to get used to if you are claustrophobic but well worth it...
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