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[QUOTE=Broadsword2004 .... why create a device that just helps add fuel to the fire? If some nut decides to shoot at people with a weapon that has a bump-fire stock, I could imagine the media reports:

"The shooter used a device called a bump fire stock, a device that easily allows one to convert a semi-automatic rifle into a machine gun..." I mean the media would lap it up and so would all the gun control types.[/QUOTE]

Jesus that scares the hell out of me...why would you say a statement like that? Yes, I accept your point of it would upset the media. But really? Do you sincerely believe that there should be no freedom of thought because it might upset someone else?

"...Dont let the bullys know that they upset you little Johnny, and they will just go away..."

No, that does not happen in real life. Its thinking like that, that has brought cultures and countries to their knees to forces of greater power that wish to exploit such thoughts. People die thinking that way, societies fall claim to extinction. Essentially giving up to surrender to the greater forces. That is not the right answer. There will always be some force greater than your own morals, beliefs, ethics, or religion. It is up to you to hang onto those beliefs. That small piece of culture that you carry, that sacred piece of society should never be forgotten. If you lose that, we are all screwed.

Frankly, I don't care what the MSM thinks. I will NEVER however, give up who I am and tell someone not to invent something, or think something, because it upsets someone else. Yes there are reasonable limits to this, which I will let you consider. There is a time and place to be politically correct, but even at that, it is your own discretion. Sometimes your point cannot be communicated clearly when trying to speak at someone else's "sensitivity" level.
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