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This hiking adventure has probably already been completed, however a tip for those considering a hike along the AT.

Carry a weapon or be prepared for trouble. Those who think it safe - forget it, especially women who think they can hike the trail safely alone. It would be good not to forget about bears, feral dogs and other dangerous animals (including man). There are many missing persons, murder, rape and other violence that happen on the trail.

I know locals in my area (North Georgia) that never hike without their handguns.
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The PA section of the trail is very rocky. You will actually cross moraine fields left over from the last ice-age. Trekking poles will be next to useless here. I also prefer a much lighter flexible boot/shoe with a soft sole for better gripping on slippery rock. I also recommend polypropylene inner socks with light weight wool outer socks. If you put the inner sock on so that it is smooth it will prevent blisters and it wicks away moisture. Your pace will drop off substantially through this section, but you will pick it up again once you get into MD. I like light weight packs fitted snugly so there is no weight shifting to throw off your balance. A hammock here will be much more useful than a sleeping bag. You won't find a spot to bed down even with a sleeping pad that doesn't have rock in your back or hip. I don't know, but my guess is that there have been many sprained ankles and knees and a few broken legs along the trail through PA. If you want, you can send me a PM and I will give you cell phone number so you can call when you are entering the area. We can arrange a meeting location for resupply and if nothing else a commo check just to make sure you are OK. Good luck. BTW Ratterdaughter's advice about a side-arm is not a bad idea. You will encounter quite a few folks along the way and not a bad idea to be prepared just in case your encounter some whaco.
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I read this post with much interest as this trek is on my bucket list. So JASG, did you ever go through with it & how did it turn out?

I agree with QP Brush Okie & Trapper John, a hammock is probably the way to go. I just got my ENO double nest hammock in the mail today. While my original purpose was to test it on the next deployment, I'd like to take it out in the bush for a 3 day to try it out in the field.

As far as the 'added protection' goes, is there any legitimate concern for getting jammed up by local law enforcement/park service for open or concealed carry while on the AT? I'm thinking more of the Northeastern states rather than the Southern states.


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While not directly related to the AT, this story came into mind while I was reading through the posts. Pretty good read : Summer of '61

The story is about two brothers that decided back in '61 to ride bicycles from Frederick, MD to San Fransisco, CA. Times have certainly changed!
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