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Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir "escapes" from South Africa

So in spite of a High Court Interim Order forbidding SA port authorities from allowing al-Bashir to leave pending a decision on whether or not to arrest him and hand him over to the ICC, SA authorities with the full blessing and co-operation of the ruling ANC gave him safe passage out of South Africa where he was attending the African Union Summit.

Wanted for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. At least now even the most brainwashed libtards can see where the South African government is happiest aligning itself. Good luck getting their hands on senior SA government and SAFA officials when the FBI finally indicts them in the FIFA corruption scandal, as well as when they embark in their final phase of genocide here in SA. Clearly they are setting a precedent that they can follow at will to protect their own from prosecution.

Now the ICC itself is apparently no longer useful according to the ANC. I guess its only useful for the image to be signatories to a Binding International Agreement when it means that the banging of your begging bowl might be heard by sympathetic donors. I hope the IMF takes note for the upcoming billions in loans the SA government is going to be forced to apply for just to pay its public service staff. Although if anything rivals the SA government in corruption it is probably the IMF so here's to wishful thinking.


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