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18-BRAVO Training section

Okay I'd like to start a Thread just targeting 18 Bravos. 18F's have a Booklist, so I think Bravos needed their own. Since the Bravos are the ones that will be the ones to come up with training plans for the ODA downrange, CNT's, JCET's or home station.

I know we have many big heads here so I would say keep it for weapons and training.

WHY you may ask? Because, I have been on ODAs where the Bravo's didn't know why we did shooting drills for. They didn't understand the fundamentals of shooting a (Emplace whatever here). Why we did 6", 4" or 2" DOTS. Why did you line up three Bull (E-Types) Targets side by side and stand 10 Meters from them and do this series of firing strings. Didn't have targets for lasers, optics, machine guns, etc. Understand why you have a short, medium and long barrels. Why we have a ACOG, ELCAN, Thermal sight scope, and anything else. "No need to bring that, I don't know how to XXYYZZ."

That my friends is the reason behind this thread. To provide Bravos the tools, tradecraft and KNOWLEDGE for understanding and knowing where to go get the knowledge for improving their own personal shooting TTPs. But moreover, HOW TO IMROVE their ODAs shooting skillsets and improve their ODA training schedules and plans. Knowledge on things that you as a current or former 18-Bravo wish someone had told me (You).

Also how to make their ODA better trainers to other and overseas. Keep in mind for the 18-Series, everyone is a Small Unit Tactics (SUT) Master, you all did it in SFQC. It’s not just the 18-Bravos that should be teaching this. Also everyone on the ODA should be able to train a Company level with one or two other ODA Members. SO you need to educate yourself on weapons and fundamentals of shooting even if you never been to a SFAUCC or SFARTEATC.

Lastly 18-Series you MUST know more than just your MOS. Special Forces can be broken down into 3 to 4 man split teams, you do remember that from the SFQC? Know more than just your own MOS!!
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