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Trump talk with Taiwan President

I do not know much about the political, military, or economic interactions between the US and East Asia, so I would like to know what the importance or impact is of the conversation that Trump had with Taiwan's president. I know that China regards Taiwan as a territory, but why does it matter if we talk with Taiwan? Is there a strategic (military/economic) incentive for building a relationship with Taiwan? Or is this simply an F you! To China? Thanks for your time.
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Trump’s Taiwan Call Wasn’t a Blunder

Michael Totten is very good at pointing to the fulcrum's in things if you know what I mean.

"Millions of Americans heard that and said, really? What on earth is the problem?

China is a bully. That’s the problem.

Even speaking to the government of Taiwan violates Beijing’s so-called “One China Policy,” which the United States grudgingly accepted under Richard Nixon in the 1970s."

At the end of all things, Taiwan is China Proper to some of US. It drives Beijing apoplectic.
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Thank you for posting that article. I can see why it is important to China, as in "We are the real China and Taiwan is ours!" But, other than Trump making a point that he will handle China (mainland) differently, I don't understand the importance to America. Especially, when China has veto power in the Security council. I'm not saying we should be there bitch, but what do we get out of it? Again, thanks.
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China is busy making artificial islands in the South China Sea, putting airstrips and air defenses on them, and claiming twelve miles of national waters around each one. Some of the smaller islands are natural, and claimed by other countries, but hey, whatever....

China has also stolen all of our military weapons program secrets for 20 years without so much as an angry letter from Uncle Sam.

Donnie T pissed off China? Whatever.

I am pretty sure they are more concerned with the boatloads of guns and missiles we send them annually than they are with Trump's phone chat.
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China loves claiming inslut, posturing, and sabre ratteling. It's their way.

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Who cares if they are but hurt. What are they going to do ... Close all the Chinese restaurants in the US?
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Balance of power is one reason. Many small Allies may keep China from growing hungry for more territory. Fishing is a big thing for all Nations involved.

We have Treatise with many of these Nations where we provide defence in order to keep them all de-escelated.

With our current power being perceived as waning, it is imperative to interject with strength and some cunning influence and policy grooming.

If other Nations see US as supporting small Nations like these, it may solidify alliances we have and gain more.

The west does not pay mind properly to the East Asia. For when conflict spurs there, it has been historically bloody. And we always get drawn in.

Japan killed more than 16 Million people the last time they got antsy. Asians are just as tribal as all and hold deep resentment of past wars.

Strength is Peace.
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CloseDanger, your reply makes a lot of sense to me. Whether it is Trump or his advisers doing this, by your explanation, it would seem that they have a plan to interject American strength, again. Makes me feel good knowing that our next President won't be going to Cairo (or any other country) to apologize for American strength and exceptionalism. Thanks for the replies.
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Here's my take:

China has said in the past that if we recognize Taiwan as a nation, China will invade Taiwan. Officially, they consider Taiwan as a renegade Chinese province.

Except for once (a slip up), no American president has said what the U.S. response to an invasion would be. Saying we will defend Taiwan is a line in the sand that forces action. Saying we will not defend signs Taiwan's death warrant. Yet, we sell Taiwan $$ billions in military hardware each year for their own defense. Taiwan wouldn't stand a chance alone against the PLA naval, air, and land forces. Losing Taiwan would be a huge blow to U.S. prestige and influence in the Pacific, and globally.

China sees Trump's call as a dangerous step towards U.S. recognition of Taiwan as an independent nation.

China getting their collective panties in a wad over that phone call is a sign of them trying to project power regionally, yet they don't know how to read PEOTUS Trump and are worried about the future of US-China relations.

China plays a multi-decade political game while the U.S. plays four years at a time, yet our China policy, vis-à-vis Taiwan, has remained fairly constant since the early 1970s.

China is confused for the moment and will, in spite of complaining, will probably take a near term wait and see attitude until they figure out what the new China policy will be.
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***Fake News*** CNN Reports that President-Elect Trump has signed a deal to sell two Ohio Class Attack submarines to Taiwan in addition to taking possession of the 100 F35 Multi-Purpose Strike Fighters built for Canada. This new trade agreement between the U.S. and Taiwan signaled a new bilateral cooperation in the Pacific. In other news the 7th Fleet headed by the newest Aircraft Carrier Gerald R. Ford has been sent to the South China Sea for training maneuvers.
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Interesting viewpoint by a Democrat.

What academics and my party don’t understand is that he’s not interested in starting a war. He simply recognizes that we’re already in one. And he’s giving voice to its long-suffering victims: millions of voters in places like North Carolina, Ohio, and Michigan.

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That is true guys. The fact that this was pre-planned gives me a good feeling. A kind of Reagan Hostages thing - was pre-planned too. Very well done.
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