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Originally Posted by Old Dog New Trick View Post
My wife says this is completely fabricated BS.
My wife, also Thai, says he is a full on despot. That none of the royals are worth the urine to the fire out if their heads were on fire. We were thinking about moving there a decade ago. Now, no way.

I ain't retracting shit.
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Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post
Tourists and expats are also subject to these laws inside Thailand.



BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand's government said Tuesday it will monitor the social media activities of Thais abroad to see if they are posting insulting comments about the monarchy, which are punishable by stiff prison sentences, following the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej last week.

Justice Minister Paiboon Kumchaya told reporters that his ministry is cooperating with police intelligence, the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Digital Economy to monitor social media comments on the monarchy by Thais abroad.

He acknowledged that the government will not be able to act against Thais who criticize the monarchy if they are outside Thai jurisdiction. But he urged Thais in the country not to distribute offending material that originates from abroad because that act would be considered illegal.

Thailand has a strict law against insulting the monarchy which the military government has used liberally in the last two years to jail people, despite international criticism and allegations it is used for political purposes.

On Sunday, a woman was arrested in the resort island of Phuket after residents alleged she had insulted the king. Police made her kneel before the king's portrait in public with hundreds of onlookers watching and jeering.

Asked about the case, Paiboon said "there's nothing better than social measures" to prevent the monarchy from being maligned. He did not elaborate, and it wasn't clear if he was supporting public shaming.

Bhumibol's death after a reign of 70 years has triggered an outpouring of grief from most Thais.
Worked with an undercover police officer who quit and was a dive instructor on Koh Samui. He used to mill about in tourist crowds listen in on what the English speakers were saying. If it was not complimentary about the royals, off to jail they would go.

The queen is a stroked out zombie, one of the princesses is her mother's daughter, a hot mess. The prince is a window licking idiot.
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Sounds like your wife and my wife would get along just fine. Or, at least as well as most Thai women get along with each other.

Yup, retiring in Thailand may not be as promising as it was years back.
You only live once; live well. Have no regrets when the end happens!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Sir Edmund Burke)
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Was in Bangkok last week for a short weekend break with the wife.

Bangkok is undergoing a transformation. Thailand is also undergoing somewhat of a transformation.

They are making it easier to get long term stay visa's and making it easier to buy property (condo's/homes/apartments) and are looking for retiree's to invest their money in Thailand.

I noted the number of massage parlours and go go girl clubs in Patpong has reduced in numbers...also took a walk around Nana as well and noticed the same.

The country could be going through a major shift in the type of tourist it wants coming into the country in the long term; shoppers/holiday makers/long term stays/families vs the old sex tourist type visitors which I believe the country is trying to slowly weed out.

The Thai's do amazing work as far as manufacturing of textiles and shoes and other handicrafts...not surprised though since the military junta had enough of the politicians and came back to take over the country if economic stability has ensured economic growth.

One little thing I did note is in Phuket, you can't get beach chairs to rent and you don't have peddlers harrassing beach users/tourist anymore on the beach unlike before.
Nothing is easy in life..if you dont make a bloody effort to make things happen and to at least try to make it a success, then why bother living?
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