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Originally Posted by greenberetTFS View Post
Dozer,When you say skip the credits, I hope you don't mean at the very begining...Hell,That's the best part.......GB TFS
You are right! Didn't have the sound on (So I didn't have to stand!)
anyone recognize that young, hard charging Warrior? It was from him that I first heard the phrase "Get your thumb out of your ass and. . . " It was the only time it was directed at me. . . Hey I was 19, I was the APL, the snow was knee deep, the PL had stopped AGAIN and I should have been running to the front of the column. It was the Fri, Sat, Sun "Long Range Patrol".
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Reading thru the old posts,, before RL saw the movie...

Originally Posted by brewmonkey View Post
Richard Pryors credit is as Richard "Cactus" Pryor.

You got your priors mixed up..

Richard Pryor, the comedian was not

Richard "Cactus" Pryor, Texan radio dj & good buddy of the Duke was..

The Green Berets
Sgt. Muldoon (Aldo Ray) [06:26 Side1] :
The master sergeant fond of blowing things up, Aldo Ray was adept at playing either the ultimate tough guy (Men in War) or a comedienne (We're No Angels).

Sgt. Provo (Luke Askew) [11:50 Side1] :
The gung-ho sergeant who requests permission to join John Wayne's unit. A year later he did a complete character flip-flop when he played the hippie who hitches a ride to a commune on Peter Fonda's motorcycle in the CED title Easy Rider.

Sgt. Peterson (Jim Hutton) [13:50 Side1]:
He's the "supply" sergeant forcibly recruited into John Wayne's unit. Probably best remembered for his Ellery Queen TV series, and he's the father of Timothy Hutton, who appeared in five CED titles.

Col. Morgan (Bruce Cabot) [18:21 Side1] :
The colonel who John Wayne is replacing in Vietnam. Many years earlier he had played Fay Wray's love interest in the original King Kong.

Sgt. Hobson (Richard "Cactus" Pryor) [33:08 Side1] :
The sergeant with Peterson when the orphan Hamchunk jokingly trips him. Despite what a number of web sites state, this is not Richard Pryor the actor/comedienne, but Richard "Cactus" Pryor, a personal buddy of John Wayne, and author of the book Playback. He is also sometimes mis-identified in the movie Hellfighters which was the next John Wayne movie after "The Green Berets."

Capt. Nim (George Takei) [38:37 Side1] :
The South Vietnamese Army leader at the outpost, easily recognizable as Lt. Sulu from Star Trek. This movie was made right in the middle of the original run of the TV series.

Sgt. Kowalski (Mike Henry) [18:23 Side2] :
A member of Col. Kirby's inner circle and the lead scout on the extraction mission. This former football star also played a "James Bond" style Tarzan in three movies around the time "The Green Berets" was made. Ten years later he almost escapes recognition as Jackie Gleason's dim-witted son Junior in the "Smokey and the Bandit" series.

Lt. Jamison (Patrick Wayne) [06:06 Side2] :
The lead Navy SeaBee whose detachment arrives to shore up the outpost. He is the real-life son of John Wayne and also played lead in the CED titles The Bears and I and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. One of John Wayne's other sons Michael Wayne was producer of "The Green Berets."

I watch the movie for the 1st time while in Basic at Ft Jackson, SC, maybe April 1968. I had just turned 20 Yrs old,, Changed my life...
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Originally Posted by Guy View Post
I'm pretty sure one tried that technique here...ONCE!

The wife and I watched it last night also.

I believe we tried too (with the 10th Group guys) at Thunderbolt Range in Saudi Arabia right before going into Kuwait. We were on the top edge of an escarpment and jacked a 60mm to max elevation with a charge one or zero (I can't remember exactly)... everything was going well it until the round started drifting back at apex due to winds at altitude.... well I didn't think anyone could move as fast as they did, especially Cosmo. Thank God for the escarpment because the round landed at the base which absorbed the shrapnel.... I can't remember what concept about "danger close" we were thinking about resolving with that experiment..... There's another about bunker clearing that can wait....

Steve B.

"Three people can keep a secret if you shoot the other two" Benjamin Franklin
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Originally Posted by Dozer523 View Post
You can skip the credits. (but you shouldn't, thanks TFS for reminding me what the best part of the movie REALLY is.)
But my friend is first seen about 2.05. All candidates should stand during the credits.
When we checked into SFTG from Airborne in July '70, D Company's 1SG, "Rocky" Lane <sp>, explained to us that every morning at first formation, we'd be singing the first verse of "The Ballad of the Green Berets"! IIRC (which gets hazier daily), we did it at first formation at Camp Mackall - at least for the first two weeks - before our morning run-rucksack run-or game of "canteen football". Are such things (the singing - not the "canteen football" - still done????

They also showed the movie at the base theatre at Ft. Gulick around July '71. We (A Company) were marched down to see it. SF marching to a movie. IF I hadn't been in "formation," I'd have wanted to take pictures.
"I took a different route from most and came into Special Forces..." - Col. Nick Rowe
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Utah Bob
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Great thread. I've just finished all 12 pages. I was in Benning at OCS when they filmed the movie. I remember our Air Mobile Ops exercise was postponed because Duke had all the Hueys tied up. If I recall they used a lot of OCs from another company as VC in the camp assault.
Later, when I was with the 10th in 68 at Flint, they had a premier before the movie hit the civilian theaters. Very cool.
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I had the opportunity to meet JW when he was in VN doing research for the movie in 1967. Later, I was on R&R in Sydney, walking to my hotel in my TWs with my green beret on when I passed a movie marque that said The Grreen Berets are Coming". A very cute Aussie Shiela in a minnie skirt said, "I jolly well guess the GVreen Berets are here.

In 1968, the movie premiered at Long Hai (B-36s Base Camp) and we watched it outside shown against a bed sheet. All of our Nungs and Cambodes loved it and the SF made all kinds of snide comments. Ammongst these were yhe scene where JW says "strengthen the North Wall" and the CIDG starts pulling men away from their positions, Somebody said "Ther goes your North Wall"!

The Scene at the end of the movie where Ham Chuk meets the helicopters and JW walks him down the beach as the sun sets was also funny. VN doesn't have a West Coast.
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I just finished this movie about 10 minutes ago... Great movie or GREATEST MOVIE! Really though it was pretty good!
"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." - Epictetus

I am here to learn.
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Currently playing on AMC. (5/27/13)
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Pulled it out and watched it after I got back this morning. Watching it again on AMC
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I just got the kids to bed and am starting it on DVR.
It is what you learn after you know it all that counts.
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Outstanding classic!

Can't be watched too many times.
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My boys and I watched it............again.
Got the DVD and loaned it to a buddy. It's nearly impossible getting it back.
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