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Can you buy them with the Gel cups. Post a link if you have it. My peltors are on their last leg. Have a class starting in a week.

The one link has them for $255.00 are they worth it? I need them about nine hours a day
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Keith - Don't know. I do know the retail was $47 just for the hygiene kit. That's on top of $282 for the muffs. GG might be able to do better than that if you call. Try www.greygrouptraining.com. FWIW - mine are an older version of the MSA Supreme Pro. If you're going to be doing a lot of rifle, you might want to use TR's suggestion and wear triple flanges underneath them. Adjusting the volume negates the extra noise damping for conversations while preventing the HF rifle blasts from giving you the headaches mentioned elsewhere. The gel cups really do make it more comfortable, especially if you're wearing glasses. HTH.
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TEA Digital Ears/INVISO X5
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Papa Zero Three
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TEA Digital Ears/INVISO X5

Haven't seen mention of these and thought I would throw them out. Might be more than some are willing to dish out but they work like the cat's meow and you can't ask for a lower profile set of hearing pro that still provides comm's. One goes in each ear and they work just like a set of Peltors/Sordins do. They are great for high noise environments like inside aircraft, while wearing an O2 mask, in a moving vehicle or during a TIC since they use bone conduction and there is no background noise to be picked up. You do have to seat them in your ear properly to get the best result but once you learn how to do it, it's no big deal. Digital Ears/X5 hearing pro
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What about these, could be a bit more comfortable: M™ Peltor™ ORA TAC In-Ear Tactical Communications Headset
link: http://peltorcomms.3m.com/Americas/P...Product_Id=408
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Sordins on sale @ TCI - today only
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Sordins on sale @ TCI - today only

Originally Posted by The Reaper View Post
Sordins from TCI.


TCI (Tactical Command Industries) is having a 25% off sale today, Sept-30.

MSA Sordins (DEHP Pro-X) are at the following price:

$325.00 List price
$257.00 Normal TCI price
$192.75 Today's sale price
+ $12.13 UPS Ground to N.Texas

$204.88 Could vary depending on where you live

If the above link to TCI does not automatically populate with the discount code, add "SEPT-30" to the coupon code box, after you add items to your shopping cart.

At the recommendation of The Reaper and Peregrino, I got mine from TCI about a year ago (@ $288), and I love them. Enjoy!


NNR 21.
5 year limited warranty.
Provides optimum protection with ambient sound amplification using advanced digital sound processing.
Digital Threat Compression and Digital Situational Awareness Enhancement (DSEA) installed.
Low-profile earcup design ensures proper weapon positioning and comfortable fit under tactical helmets.
Two separate and well-shielded ambient sound microphones enable optimal situational awareness and directional sound detection.
Industry leading audio response with natural sound reproduction without without the clipping effect provided by other electronic hearing protectors.
Five volume settings with memory.
600 hour battery life from two standard AAA batteries (included).
Includes upgraded battery compartment and battery cap.
Automatic shut-off.
Audible warning when remaining battery life falls below 40 hours.
Waterproof battery compartment and internal electronics. Environmental standards and performance.
Reduces dangerous noise levels by means of acoustical compression technology, rendering ambient sound safe in the headset.
Black or OD Green Earcup options.
Standard OTH Suspension with Removable Cloth Headband Cover or BTH Behind-the-Head Suspension. (+ $24 for BTH)
3.5 mm Aux audio jack for certain consumer applications.
Gel-Ear Seal Upgrade - Included ($42 value)

Not designed for conversion into a communication headset.
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If you are into unsuppressed long gun shooting, but want the noise cancelling ability of earmuffs you can check these guys out. They make noise cancelling earplugs that can be custom fitted to a mold of your ear. They can also be tuned to work as hearing aids and make up for any hearing loss. Fair warning - they are expensive ($1000+). I have a set and I love them.

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15% off Tactical Command Industries (TCI)
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15% off Tactical Command Industries (TCI)

Enter coupon code "TGIF" during checkout to apply the discount coupon code. This coupon code is valid through May 27, 2012 and available for website purchases only.
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Don't undervalue the cost of good ear protection. I wish I had. Last year the VA issued me hearing aids - I'm a P2 for hearing (soon to be a P3). Once it's gone, it doesn't come back. It just get worse.

Trust me, wearing hearing aids is not something you want to end up doing. Get the best protection possible.
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I was recently given a set of Sensear noice cancelling earmuffs. Was sceptical at first, but they seem to supress more noise than my old set of Peltors and they interface very easily with other devices.

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Another option - http://www.espamerica.com/default.aspx

But at $900-2500 they're not cheap....
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low vis electronic earpro.
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low vis electronic earpro.

Walker gameear III is very nice option for that and also has amplification so you can hear close conversations as well. They are a bit pricey as well but fit into your ear just like a hearing aid.
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I recently used a set of Peltor Comtac IV's at jrtc. I like the open air design of the 4's, but a few potential issues came to light over a couple weeks:
-The earbud tips are quite easily lost, rendering the earpro inop.
-donning/removing a helmet every time you enter/exit a vehicle is a pain in the ass.
-time, these take a lot longer to put into action than ordinary style peltors.
-eliminate "double protection" capability

But, they do offer quite good hearing protection, and he ambient sound capabilities of peltors with much reduced bulk and heat, and despite a slight amount of bleedover (right comm input heard in left ear & vice versa) their communications capabilities are very useable.

I can't get a linc since I'm on my phone but just google comtac 4.

Good times,
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This may not help at all, but these are what I use:

I am not sure if they could possibly make them to adapt to whatever electronic setup you have, but at the very least least I imagine they could make them with a pressure valve(not sure what it would be called, diaphragm maybe?). I had mine made a few months ago and as far as I am concerned, the molded earplug route is a good way to go.

Granted, my job(in a UH-60 daily) doesn't have the concussion type noise that firing weapons do, but the aircraft keeps a pretty constant +100db noise level with at least one main engine running(inside the cockpit).

I would definitely say that hearing protection is pivotal though, because as mentioned above, it never come back. Once the celia(sp?) in the inner is damaged, its like running over a tomato plant with a tractor and trying to get it to stand back up afterwards, it just isn't going to happen.
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25% off Tactical Command Industries (TCI)
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25% off Tactical Command Industries (TCI)

Enter coupon code "121212" during checkout to apply the discount coupon code. This coupon code is valid through Dec 13, 2012 and available for website purchases only.

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