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Originally Posted by Longstreet View Post
All workers - regardless of positions within the company - would be paid what a private in the army earns.
Cool, so the government would also provide both a meal card and dining facilities for all the workers, or separate rations for those that are married, along with housing (or a housing allowance) and clothing and issued equipment as well? They'd provide free medical care for the workforce, and very low cost care for their families? Life insurance? The government would absorb the cost of these workers taking 30 days off a year, along with all federal holidays and "family days" on top of that?

Of course, he must have also wanted to standardize pay in the military to be equitable--private to general, everyone gets paid the same amount each month--since that's what he'd be demanding of private industry.

Boy, I'm glad ol' Smed thought that one through.
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