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New Military Freefall Parachutes
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New Military Freefall Parachutes

Just a 'heads up' on what looks to be comin' down the pike...



Airborne Systems Wins $27 Million U.S. Army Contract to Replace U.S. Forces’ Military Freefall Parachutes
AbnSys, 20 Sep 2011

Airborne Systems, a subsidiary of HDT Global (“HDT”), a provider of highly-engineered mobile military and emergency response solutions, announced today it has been awarded a $27 million contract by the U.S. Army’s Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM). The contract will include the production and delivery of an estimated 3,600 Military Free Fall Advanced Ram Air Parachute Systems (MFF ARAPS) utilizing the Airborne System’s Intruder™ parachute system.

The contract win reaffirms Airborne Systems’ role as a major supplier to the U.S. military. All major military personnel parachute systems currently in use by U.S. Forces have been designed by Airborne Systems, including the T-11, MC-6, Hi-Glide, MC-4, MC-5 and Intruder. The FireFly™ and DragonFly™ precision guided aerial delivery systems have also been selected by the U.S. Army for the Joint Precision Air Drop System (JPADS) program, and the FireFly is being used extensively in Afghanistan.

“We are honored the U.S. Army has selected Airborne Systems to support our warfighters with the best parachute technology available,” said Brad Pedersen, President, Airborne Systems. “Our solution is the best value for soldiers, offering increased safety and cutting edge technology. The Intruder system has been exclusively designed for the military jumper and is not an adaptation. Its versatility allows day or night and high or low altitude capabilities in a range of challenging environments to fully meet mission requirements.”

“Airborne Systems has made major historical contributions to military ram-air parachute systems development,” added JC Berland, Chief Technology Officer, Airborne Systems. “These include the invention of the ram-air reserve parachute and the first military ram air parachute system, the MT-1. Airborne Systems also designed and produced the MC-4 and MC-5 parachute systems, the most popular military parachute systems in the world. The T-11 is also an excellent example of our technology lead in the parachute world.”

The firm fixed-price IDIQ contract is anticipated to include an 18-month base ordering period and a 42-month optional ordering period. The acquisition was conducted on a full and open basis and incorporated a best value source selection, based upon technical, management, past performance, cost and price assessments.

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Yeah - and it's POM'd for FY 14. Don't hold your breath based on a press release.
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Is the T-11 still grounded??
Martin sends.
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It won't be overnight that this ends up at the group level. It will be more along the lines of the path that the military Cypres(EAAD) was introduced and eventually fielded to the 7 groups. Hopefully though, it won't take as long as the EAAD as a lot of the data and training materials required have already been collected so I wouldn't be surprised to see some fast tracking in some areas. In fact, the IPT is scheduled for early October so its more a matter of when than if IMO.

It is very probably we will see this system used by non HALO qualified individuals in the dual bag static line mode at some point in time, much like we saw the MC-5 in dual bag static line mode used in 7th group back in the 90s. The training management package was reviewed several years back,updated, and a plan on how to implement it exists and utilizes the same RATT (Ram Air Training Team) concept at the group level. It's quiet possible that at some time in the future all ODAs will have a RAM air HAHO infil capability and not just HALO teams. This is a long overdue upgrade to the now obsolete MC-4 system that's been used for way too long.
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developmental testing and operational testing should be quicker than most other items since it is a "COTS" parachute...
First unit equipped should be about a year from now. Dont expect full fielding before 2015...

Nice rig though.
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No unauthorized CRW with that high aspect monster.
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Airborne Systems is the way to go.
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Airborne Systems is the way to go.

Im glad to hear Airborne Systems won that contract. I believe Airborne Systems used to be Paraflite (the makers of the MC-4 systems we use here in the PI). AS/Paraflite military rigs are very durable and reliable in our experience. We also have a couple of MC-4 systems manufactured by Strong Parachutes, and we have had bad experiences with its durability.

With due respect to "Strong", this is just an honest to goodness feedback. A couple of team mates experienced broken control lines during openings and under canopy, i myself experienced a pilot chute and bridal line ripping away from my canopy during opening. These incidents occurred within the year of being issued this MC4 brand, during admin jumps and out of slow flying UH-1Hs. I wonder if we just got a bad batch of rigs from Strong.

Our older issue Paraflite MC4s on the contrary never skipped a beat, we never experienced any equipment-related failure with this rig, even under heavier wing loads. USMC guys on exercises here use a "multi-mission rig" wherein they HAHO using a static-line, and we have witnessed several of them incur malfunctions with this technique, maybe its equipment related, im not sure. We find the 5-8 second FF delay for HAHO still safer, just have to compensate the canopy separations with more piloting skills.

We hope to see those new systems soon during bilateral exercises here with the 1st group guys in the next couple of years. Airborne Systems ARAPS. We're still stuck with our MC4s probably for the next several decades. http://professionalsoldiers.com/foru...es/biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by HALO99 View Post
Im glad to... [/url]

Back on you 2nd post Surgicalcric suggested you re-read you welcome email from the admin's of PS.com.

You have failed to correct the problem.

1)Your 1st post should have been an introduction, still none
2)you are to fill in your profile, still blank

Do you known why the FTFSI tag in under your ID???

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my apologies jj_bpk. my fault. rechecked my profile, ive filled it up since i joined but will do a recheck again for lapses just to be sure. anyway, to intro myself im an active duty serviceman of the philippine army, joined the military in 1995, serving in our SF regiment since '99, 34 yrs old, born and raised here, cross-trained with okinawa-based QPs here and worked with some of them south of the country, currently rotated on a staff job at the moment. thanks.
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[QUOTE=HALO99;417588]my apologies jj_bpk. my fault. rechecked my profile, ive filled it up since i joined but will do a recheck again for lapses just to be sure. anyway, to intro myself im an active duty serviceman of the philippine army, joined the military in 1995, serving in our SF regiment since '99, 34 yrs old, born and raised here, cross-trained with okinawa-based QPs here and worked with some of them south of the country, currently rotated on a staff job at thur puble moment. thanks.[/QUOTE/]

Your profile still isn't your profile...Do not post until our Rules are followed..............

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Does it have a slider to snivel?
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