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Piss up a rope
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Piss up a rope

Yep. I thought that he was. I'm sorry. I just seem to be noticing a recurring theme on this forum. It seems to me, that certain individuals, feel it's ok to attack some one else in a message, and be rude, and then expect the other person to just let it slide. As if.....well, as if you think everyone should kiss your ass because your a member of a certain group. While what you have achieved in your lifetime is truly extraordinary and granted few can make the cut....you are still just mortal men. Time and time again I read on this site, some of you referring to not getting upset, and being able to take criticism, while all the while, you the men that us mere mortals are supposed to be looking up to, get emotionally upset when you think that some one is being disrespectful. I see a huge disconnect between the label and that self proclaimed professionalism. I mean it makes one wonder if you walk around town with a big sign that says, "Bow before the awe inspiring awesomeness that is I" You know what I mean? I know 'Read More and post less", I get that. I've read far more than I've posted. I've held my tongue on this as well. For the short time that I've been here, and the many posts that I have read, this is a recurring theme. WHile I do respect you, and your accomplishment, I do personally think you take yourselves a little too seriously, and you do not afford the same respect that you would have others give you. The next post will be somebody saying, "Respect is earned not given" and that is wrong as well. You can't earn it. It is given in small amounts until such time as you deem that person not worthy of it. Otherwise we would all be pissing on each others shoes and going to blows.

With that being said. My point of view however irrelevant to you immortal gods of the warrior tradition. Was that one of you was verbally attacking a mere mortal of a man and when he defended himself, the immortal got butt hurt, and the other immortals started crying foul. Get real. You either want men, that can stand up for themselves, or you want people to suck up, kiss your feet, and move on. You can't have it both ways. If it takes being a man who says what he means, and means what he says, to be a member of your outfit, then except it when a man stands up for himself. If he can't and has to revert to being a suck up....did you really want him anyways? I'm sure someone will come on here and tell me that I am out of line, and tell me I am warned and how many strikes I will have against me. It's ok. I have broad shoulders. I'm not 19 or 20. It takes a lot to impress me these days. If you choose to see this as an attack, or a disrespectful post that is your choice. It's the truth, and the truth will either offend you or it will change you. I wonder will you ban me for speaking my mind and calling it like I see it? Are you professional? Can you take the same criticism that you dish out? It's your house, and I am a guest, but I am curious to know, can a man, speak his mind in your house?
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