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Dennis Hopper Dead
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Dennis Hopper Dead

Actor Director Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider, Apocalypse Now, Blue Velvet) died today at age 74. He was also, as some of you may know, an OSS lineal descendant. His father Technical Sergeant Jay M. Hopper was an OSS medic who served in Kai Yuan, China with OSS Detachment 204. OSS Schools and Training Branch set up a small training base there for newly arrived SO personnel in the Theater. Jay Hopper ran the camp disepnsary with a contract physician named Viktor Gorchenko.

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Interesting history on Mr. Hopper. It seems that celebrities always go in threes. Art Linkletter, Gary Coleman, and now Dennis.

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A great actor.


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I was on Hulu earlier today and watched the 1st episode of The Rifleman. Ironically, he was the Guest Star.


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Base Camp Thread???
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Base Camp Thread???

Dennis Hopper was a great actor, may he rest in peace.

Perhaps the Base Camp thread reflects back on his Dad's OSS time.

RF 1

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I'm usually not one to care about celebrity hoopla but I was a big Dennis Hopper fan. Easy rider is one of my favorites, and Waterworld, while corny, is amazing. May he rest in peace. I think I'm going to watch Super Mario Bros. now.
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