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Last year, while in Afghanistan, I use the Blitz for six weeks. I did not get a chance to post my progress due to our optempo and for a while was blocked. I was pleased with the results and plan to implement this program again when I can afford a gym membership. If I remember my program correctly, it consisted of:

Bench Press
Bicep Curl
Lat Pull Down
Weight Crunches
Leg extensions
Leg Curls
Calf Raises

I used a machine for all exercises except for the crunches and calf raises. I progressed just as Blitzzz described it should be in the information he sent me and with his guidance. I had to drop the bicep curl, because it was interfering with the lat pull down. I also incorporated running and sprinting on days off, with one ruck march during the week.

I had an APFT in week seven. I scored a 300 with the highest number of push-ups and sit-ups and the fasted run time in my career. On the push-up and sit-up events, my muscular endurance was phenomenal as compared to my previous fitness tests. I was able to maintain a fast and steady rhythm for the entire two minutes.

My strength was a little different. In week 8, I was curious and decided to test my max. I put my warm-up weight of 205lbs on the bench. I was able to lift it, but it felt like I was trying to lift a Mac Truck. The same thing occurred with my squat. My body was no longer use to lifting heavy weights. However, I decided to keep lifting heavy for the next two weeks. By the third week, my body was use to the heavy weights again and I had surpassed my previous max in my two main lifts.

I hope this helps in giving you some idea of results. I am currently doing a bodyweight routine because it's inexpensive and available. I was definitely pleased with the results of The Blitz and plan to use it again when I have access to a proper gym.
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