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New Toy in 338 Norma Mag

If this holds water..

The 338 Norma mag can go head to head with the 338 Lapua on ballistics but on a shorter action. Both are based on 416 Rigby, using the same bolt face, the Norma a little fatter.

I'm thinking recoil on a full-auto 20lb weapon is going to be stout.

I also think they need to find a better flash "hider"


Sig Sauer Live-Fires its Hard-Hitting New Ultra-Light Machine Gun

21 Jan 2019 | By Matthew Cox

LAS VEGAS -- Sig Sauer demonstrated its potent new lightweight machine gun Sunday, a weapon that Sig officials say is very similar to the light MG the firm is developing to participate in the U.S. Army effort to replace the M249 squad automatic weapon.

At a special, pre-SHOT Show 2019 live-fire demo, Sig Sauer fired its new 20-pound machine gun chambered for .338 Norma Magnum.

This is the lightest, most powerful [man-portable] machine gun on the face of the earth," Colin Murphy, an instructor with Sig Sauer Academy and former member of Army's 3rd Special Forces Group, told an audience at the Sig Sauer range day.

The belt-fed machine gun has a rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute and a maximum effective range of 2,000 meters.

"It's an incredible capability," Murphy said describing how the modular design allows the operator to change out the barrel and receiver and shoot 7.62x51mm NATO if necessary.

It has a collapsible buttstock and weighs 20 pounds, so it's significantly lighter than the 27-pound M240B machine gun in 7.62mm with "less felt recoil," Murphy said.

Sig officials said the firm will is working on a similar MG prototype, chambered in 6.8mm for the Army's prototype opportunity notice for the service's Next Generation Squad Weapon program.

"We will not be submitting this, but we are working on the prototype opportunity notice for the U.S. Army," Paul Snyder, product manager for crew-served belt-fed machine guns at Sig, told
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