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My LTC buddy and I outed James Webb, 3rd guy over in the original set of photos. I worked with him in PACOM and he was touting himself as a "Vietnam Era SF hero now searching for fallen brothers and POWs". After things didn't add up in talking to him, I got my TC involved (verified Long Tabber and Commander of DET 3 in Vientiene Laos at the time. A full investigation was initiated and he had been touting this story for so long that he had everyone running with it. Not only did we out his phony SF stories and status (sole survivor multiple battles CCN; SF Long Tab Status - he was an intel warrant - green beret photo taken while support folks were still authorized to wear it) other than his "martial arts training" all of his martial arts "recognition" claims were also fake...(World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Kung Fu Hall of Fame, Official redesignation of his legal name to "White Tiger" by the Republic of Korea, Official Grand Master for the ROK Tae Kwon Do school for Korean Special Forces).

Jim did do a great deal to help bring home hundreds of military personnel missing in Southeast Asia as an Investigative Team Leader for Joint Task Force-Full Accounting. Unfortunately, his efforts were tainted by his claims of being Vietnam Era Special Forces and Martial Arts "royalty" to both secure his employment and further his own agenda.

Jim was fired 1 October 2003. He supposedly moved to Pattaya, Thailand where and opened a martial arts school and a bar (two different locations) not far from the TQ2 (Tahitian Queen 2) where we all used to hang out while traveling through Pattaya on mission. I have not heard from him, or about him since my part in his being removed, but was disappointed to find out my suspicions were confirmed at the conclusion of the investigation.
Of course, that disappointment lasted about 10 seconds...but it was there none-the-less.

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