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Originally Posted by JimP View Post
actually, I read several articles and was wondering why she hadn't pulled the race card. When I saw her opponent on the news it clicked: she COULDN'T go there....

so....she whines about not cheating (her coach admitted they were); and, cries about having sand in her Hoo.

Worthless, petty, narcissistic, entitled beee-yotch. She should run for Obama's past position.

To be clear...

Williams has successfully won every major tennis award for ever., including 24 majors.

She has more wins than any female player and probably will never lose that record.

She has a net worth of over 200 million dollars.

Her husband is a millionaire in his own right.

Her coach admitted to passing signs from off court and paid a substantial fine.

AND this is the way she acts when caught cheating..

She probably will run for office,, and collect another 100 million or so.
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