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Originally Posted by NousDefionsDoc View Post
“Within three to five years,” he said, “the Army will be saying, ‘This is the way we’ve always done it.’”
Un-huh. Within three to five years the Army will be saying, damn let's reinvent the wheel and get a new PT program I do not care how much mother army changes the PT program, it is still going to come down to individual commitment and command support to allow those that need to do real PT, do real PT so that they can excell at their jobs rather than be judged as fit to pass a PT test. As long as the measure of physical fitness is judged by the APFT score and a tape test nothing will really change. How many of you have been in units where their PT programs were tailored to meet mission requirements-most of us have. Now how many of those programs were actually used as the validation of your physical fitness when it came to the little check on your annual efficiency reports. This looks good on paper now let's see if it can be executed.
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