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Originally Posted by rubberneck View Post
Apparently nobody ever bothered to tell her that big boy (in her case big girl) rules apply when cheating. She got caught and was warned. Instead of taking her warning like an adult she smashed her racquet on he court in a temper tantrum. That cost her the point not the cheating and then to call the official a thief for enforcing the rules cost her the game. She could have chose to act like an adult and there would have been no issues other than the warning. All these people crying about how unfairly she was treated make me sick. Donít cheat, and if you do donít act like an asshole when you get caught.
No different than glaring at an umpire, or even mumbling while you walk away about a shitty strike call. Slam your bat & throw your helmet on the ground there at the plate...? That'll get you the old heave-ho, everytime.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
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