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Originally Posted by Soldier4Life View Post
Most soldiers and commanders who served in the Army between 1990 – 1997 and read Paraglide, Army Trainer, Soldiers and Military Police magazines, have heard of then SSG Leonard Holifield. As I remember, Holifield was instrumental submitting changes to FM 21-150 (Combatives) and in revitalizing hand-to-hand combat Armywide. I remember him from when I was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where he was the Chief Combatives Instructor for the FATC. This guy was a monster and he had to be legit, for the Sergeant Major of the Army – SMA Richard Kidd to come to Ft. Sill to meet with him personally to discuss military combatives training. Hope his character isn’t being attacked here, this guy was the real deal!
Not a good start. No profile information and no introduction posted in the proper thread. Don't expect much validity to be given to your opinion(s) until you follow intro procedures and provide some basis in your profile for having such an opinion.

Just a FYI concerning this site if you want to be taken seriously.

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