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A portion of the investigation from 2003...

I must also give a great deal of credit to CSM (R) Joe Lupiyak who was working at SWC at the time and was also instrumental in helping us get this investigation off the ground at the time.

This information was presented to our Task Force Commander. The "Outing Message" to our Commander was also omitted as it was quite personal and rather "flamboyant with rampant emotion" . For PERSEC reasons, I have edited out some of the names and e-mail addresses, it is by the request of the SF LTC who got personally involved with this investigation at my request.
End result, Mr. Webb (aka Fabio) has been offered "early retirement" effective 1 Oct...

> This was the e-mail I sent Webb's partner (Joyce). I never got an answer back and they shut the web site down the next day
> Bxxxx
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Cxxxxxxxxx LTC
> > Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2003 11:10 AM
> > To: ''
> > Ccxxxxxxxx CW3; Pxxxxxxxxx MSG
> > Subject:I'm interested in SF Combatives
> >
> > Mr Joyce
> >
> > I am sending you this e-mail in my private capacity as a member of the Special Forces Association (D-5922, Chapter 7). A lot of interest (to say the least) has been generated here at SWC by the SF Combatives website. It appears that some of Mr Webb's bio is suspicious---several issues come to mind:
> >
> > 1. No record of his attendance at SFQC during the 81-83 time frame.
> > 2. The only James M. Webb that graduated the Ranger course was a ROTC Cadet from Brigham Young Univ. Class 1-77 (James Matthew Webb).
Possibly your associate used a different middle initial.
> > 3. The obvious questions as to why a MI Warrant would attend HALO, SCUBA, SERE or INTAC.
> > 4. No record of him having served with any SMU (service in these units might explain HALO, SCUBA, SERE, INTAC).
> > 5. His status as an "inductee" to the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. His is not listed on the existing Web Site (nor among the 2001 inductees).
> > This may be merely an administrative error (not sure who got
inducted in 2002). I have an e-mail out to the Hall of Fame to confirm his status. .(His confirmation was later DENIED)
> >
> > To avoid people questioning your SF credentials it might help if you provided your Ranger Class number and SFQC attendance dates (believe the web site said you were an 18E). I'll confirm your attendance an dispell any allegations to the contrary here at Bragg.

If we cannot substantiate any of Mr Webb's qualifications I plan on contacting Jimmy Dean (National President of the SF Association) and providing our concerns to him.

> > This is cut/paste from the SF Wall of Shame Wannabe's Web Site:
> >
> > JAMES WEBB: Graduated from high school in 1971, but claims to have been with SOG. That would mean that he would have had to complete BCT, AIT, BAC, and SFTG in a little over a year in order to make it to SEA in order to be assigned to SOG. Highly improbable, not to mention, NO record of any SF assignments were located.
> >
> > Xxxxxx CXXXXXXX
> > LTC, SF
> > Deputy Director Xxxxxxxxxxxx
> > (910) 4xx-xxxxxxxx
> > email:
> >
> Txxxxxxxx
> 1. This guy is unbelievable. Bottom line. he never attended SFQC, MFF or any other course that I can verify here at SWC. I called the Ranger department on 21 January 03. I am willing to bet that he did not go I cut/pasted this from my 21 Jan e-mail "I contacted the Ranger Department (SFC Sitzler) this morning. Only one James M. Webb has graduated from the
> Ranger Course(a Cadet from Brigham Young--Class 1-77). Other James Webbs may have gone, but only one James M. If we can get his SSN or a firm class date I can check again."
> 2. I checked with the MI school and several CI agents I know. None of them know him (I bet he was an all-source Intell Warrant).
> 3. His web site claimed that he was a member of the world martial arts hall of fame. That is B.S. We checked the web site. He claimed to have invented the Korean Special Forces Martial Art--what the hell would the Koreans need a gringo to teach them to be Karate-men. He claimed to have been.
> 4. No one from 1 SFG can remember him (pretty remarkable for the head Martial Artist in Group). He claimed to have served in Thailand with SF. I checked with several 43rd Co Alumni. No one ever heard of him. One guy (Steve Shoup) brought in his yearbook from the year that Webb claimed to have been in Thailand. He is so secret that we could not find him.
> 5. He claims Bronze Stars and tells Vietnam stories don't seem
possible. It may have happened, but I am willing to bet it did not.
> 6. He shut his web site down after Phil Provencher, Jeff Dahlby and I began to question his credentials. Tell him to provide dates/class numbers and I will track it down. If he is real I will inform Jimmy Dean at the SF Association, but I bet he does not provide anything concrete. He may be a gifted Karate-man, but I am willing to bet he was never in SF other than working in the Grp/Bn "2" shop.
> 7. I have a whole folder (58 e-mails) titled "Wall of Shame" with his stuff in it.

Though Jim being a Poseur has grossly affected his professional relationship with me and now others...I will say that he has done tremendous work in the recovery effort for POW / MIA's in Vietnam. I honestly believe that he has been telling these stories for SOOOO Long unchallenged, that he could probably pass a lie detector test on them. He believes them now to that level.

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