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Originally Posted by JJ_BPK View Post
Not my intent to "imply" anything either.

As a new member, I was encouraging Redwood to use the search function to verify his findings, before posting.

QP Vickers has been mentioned in 90 posts and he exploits are well known to many readers here.

Thanks for the encouragement. I will be sure to check out more of the posts regarding Mr. Vickers as he is a very interesting man that I'd like to read even more about.

I already had a general understanding of his background and military service, so I do not understand what you are suggesting I need to verify before posting. None of the other threads had mentioned this video (which was somewhat obscure as nothing in the title or description eluded to SF), thus I thought my posting it here on a forum widely used by Quiet Professionals and those interested in SF would allow interested parties to watch a relevant video that they might not have seen otherwise.

I believe that my post only furthered to shine light on Mr. Vicker's exploits so that even more readers can become aware of the work that he does.
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