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Things that cannot be trained that would make you a valuable asset to SF, and any other organization, are things like integrity, ethics, self-discipline to maintain or achieve physical and psychological fitness, intelligence, ability to work as a member of a team, ability to lead and be led, and the complete and utter commitment to serving your country by fullfilling the duties and responsibilities expected of you without having to have someone look over your shoulder and doing so selflessly without looking for professional or personal gratification as a motivator to keep going.
Yes sir I see what you mean as SF is not a school for moral improvement and these qualities need to be developed before hand. I believe I have a good moral and ethical quality and try to uphold that in my civilian life and will hopefully be able to do the same in the Army.

Assuming someone has the necessary qualities such as the integrity, ehtics, self-discipline, intelligence, etc. what are some things that can be learned that would make the team more effective? I am sure SF does a great job training people to maximize a teams effectiveness, but one of the qualities that seems to make Special Forces "special" seems to be the variety and expertise of the backgrounds of each member. Maybe if I bring in a certain trainable skill that the team lacks or needs reinforced, I could step in and fill the void ( this of course in addition to my SF MOS and other assigned duties ).

Eye surgery now will disqualify you from anything that you want to do; sorry.
Another good point, I don't want to degrade my resume` any further.

Can you get into 98G? That would be your "in". Come in as a 98G with PT (Pashtu), PF (Persian Farsi), or AD (Arabic Dialect) and you have a good shot at getting into a Special Forces Group as a Special Operations Team - Alpha operator. SOT-A slots are 'Victor' (Ranger) coded. That would be a good starting point for you.
This is similar to what I had in mind when I was researching this particular MOS.

I appreciate the responses.
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